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Click Member link to see site in tvFreak of Knit-ture
I loves me my knitting, but I loves me my dogs even more.

Pamela's House of Blues
Home to the Blue Bearded Collies, Knitting, and Quilts

Girl is Crafty
A site about all things crafty - Knitting, Crochet, Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, etc.

Two knitters shacommunity one brain, their daily thoughts on knitting, pets and human nature.

Fiber Arts & Furry Critters
This is what I really do instead of cleaning the house...

Two Purls
Knitting to the sound of a snoozing pug...can you get more zen that this? Carrie ~ I upgraded all the way so now Oscar and I can join your community. We just felt too left out and the $$$ was worth ...

Bron's Blog II
Knitting, some crocheting & other crafting, random life thoughts, but mostly knitting!


Kris Crafts!
Kristin's world of crafting craziness

Fiber Fool
A knitblog of an advanced beginner knitter from Fort Collins, Colorado who adores her rescued puppy, Emma.

I mostly blog about my chihuahua, Darby, and the sweaters I make for her. In addition to that, I also occasionally rant about dating.

Knitting, dogs and life on the high plains of Colorado.

View my knitting, my photography (sometimes), and of course my dog!

Law school and knitting?

Lost stitch - karannut silmukka
lots of ideas of knitting, crocheting and crafting. even few works done by myself. there is also involved three dogs, which makes themselfs known in every single picture... either themselfs or there hair... ...

On the needles

Knitting is Fun
This blog contains the tales of a knitting entrepreneur, teacher and designer who truly believes that knitting is fun and loves her puppies.

sob sister
knitting, crocheting...and a terrier

A knitting blog

Melissa's Adventures in Knitting
My site is all about my knitting adventures. I have only been knitting since January 2006, so I'm still in the learning phase. I just adopted Layla, a mini pin, March 11, 2006. I am also wanting to ...

Garn, Te & Sjokolade
A norwegian knitting blog

Hello Yarn
City girl knits, spins yarn, cooks great food, and plays with her doggin! I like to share recipes and free knitting patterns, too.

by hook or pointed stick
life as a crocheter, knitter, and mom

Mindful Moderation
Fiber related goodness, writings of life and of course the critters. (Of familial and animal kind) :-D

Violet Knits
Blog about my knitting life and occasionally my family, two Spcommunityer Spainels, and my crazy cat!

sarcastic crafter
A blog about my knitting and other crafty things.


Jen Knitter
My knitting blog

knitting with ruby slippers on my feet
a blog about all things knitting and my new little puppy Ruby (a.k.a Ruby Slippers)

Runs With Needles
Just my blog where I babble about my knitting and my dogs. :)

amandamonkey's World of Stitch
My forum for all things stitch (knitting, sewing, embroidery) and occasional snarky comments about politics or my research. Sometimes photos of my favorite little beasts even sneak in.

Adventures of the Knitting Kind
The knitting adventures of a newbie and her trusty pooch (and part-time model).

Sassy Gina-D
A new blog about Craftin' Knitin' & just plan Livin'

Knitting In Cleveland
Knitting blog

Thinking Outside The Box
A journal in progress about my love of fiber and animals up here in the Mountains of New Hampshire. Come visit our little zoo!

Stuck on Socks
Knitting (mostly socks) Dogs (mostly Elvis and Pearl) Spinning (mostly uneven beginner yarn)

Paws for Effect
A crafty journal including knitting, spinning, sewing and the occassional mentionings of 2 pugs, Milo and Daisey.

Life in Cleveland
Blog about my life in Cleveland, my knitting, and my rat terrier Dexter.

Oshnpashn's Blog
Ramblings of a Knitting* Addicted Hockey Fan (*and other crafty stuff)

Knitting & Me
A blog about my adventures in knitting and life.

yarns and threads
Mostly a blog about my craft activities, knitting, sewing, embroidery.

Tightly Wound ~ Loosely Knit
This is the home of a sometimes tightly wound wife, mother of 4, working woman who loosens up with knitting whenever possible :)

knit, daisy, knit
this is just a little knitting blog of someone who is not very good at knitting yet. but i try, and that should count for something.

On and Off the Needles

Heavenly Babies
Foxy, my sister's miniature Dachshund, loves to wear clothes, and my plan is to keep her in knitted sweaters!

Stasia's Place Of Grace
Knitting, spinning, nature, and my crazy life as mother to four dogs.

Me...my puppies...my kniitting..my middle aged rants and raves...my dogs are Zoe, Khan, Kitanna, Lola (rescued from a puppy mill..she was the main breeding dog for 10 years, it took a year of fighting ...

Black Pug Knits
I love pugs and knitting. Knitting for pugs even.

Confessions of a Maniacal Thrower
The epic saga of a bluenoser and her constant vacillation between two obsessions - her knitting and her golden retriever.

Knitting Nurse
I would love to have you come on in and visit my little spot of knitting and such. Nothing fancy, just rantings and ramblings about knitting, nursing or whatever strikes me at the moment.