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I write about life, knitting and sometimes I even ramble on about nothing at all. Com'on everyone, get your knit on!

Nutmeg knitter

Knitcore for Knitsters
A hip take on knitting, crafting, music food and life. Do you live your life in technicolor? 'Cause I do so watch out!

A Little Loopy
A Little Loopy is a team blog for three knitting friends who are now geographically and available-time separated. Our blog helps to keep us up to date on our current knitting projects and finished objects. ...

Squirrel's Worlds
Mostly about knitting.... and a lot of talk about animals.

Nana's Knitwits
knitting crocheting musings photos to share

My knitting blog with excerpts about other crafts and my life.

kellann Knits
My blog about knitting and a little crochet

red dog knits
A mediocre knitter and her red dog model

Flyin Needles
I used the internet to learn to knit and I want to share that with others. Plus, Meet my puppy Pearlie Girl. She the one that keeps my feet warm while I knit.

Stitches of Violet
Knitting blog with personal posts on family, dogs, weather, and nature.

Knittin' Honey
A blog where I talk about my knitting, my family, my kids, the midwest (Kansas, specifically), my dogs, and my favorite college team, the University of Kansas Jayhawks. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

A kitten knits
A blog for knitting content, and sometimes crochet, tatting or spinning as well, just to spice things up. Not too advanced but I like to have fun.

Daily nattecommunitys of a professional fiber artist

Approaching Glory
Approaching Glory is a site that hopes to encourage, exhort, and edify while shacommunity daily life happenings and knitting adventures.

I Hide Yarn
A blog full of knitting by a woman obsessed with yarn, baseball and sometimes Multiple Sclerosis. Overseen by the ever faithful Bunny, her teacup poodle.

blueadt_knits with the help of two rescued Airedale terriers

Throwing Sticks
Notes on knitting, throwing things for labs and occasionally thrown knitting!

Warm Wishes Knitting
A website and blog about my handknitting and Bond machine knitting, with photos, patterns and charts. Also cats, a dog, and a bird!

Knitting in Cleveland
Just a little blog about knitting and living in Cleveland

Knitter's Nirvana
Holly attempts to find peace and relaxation through knitting......

Knit Won Purl, too
Random neural ficommunitys about knitting, my dog Dylan Thomas, spinning and life

My Ugly Sweater
Blog of My Ugly Sweater: PhD candidate, former art-historian, current cultural studies junkie, attender of protests, lover of indiepop, parent to my cats, my dog, my chubby fish, partner of two star, maker ...

Eva's Knitting Journal
Knitting, life and my lovely dog

knitting and my Weimaraner Casey

Ramblings of a labrador retriever loving knitter.

One Stitch Short
The life and random knitting adventures of a girl who is one stitch short of a sweater and her dog T-Bone.

Terrier Tracks
my weblog where I ramble on about my puppy, my crafts (knitting, cross stitch) and whatever else enters my head.

Big Apple Knitting
My blog about knitting, sewing, cooking, etc

Na Na Na Knit!
knitting blog of a sleep deprived, over-caffeinated college student

llama llama duck
Sometimes there's knitting. Sometimes there's tatting. Almost everything else is puppy.

Knitting, dogs, cats, other crafts, life in general.

knitting by eye
I'm eyeleen, knitter and longtime fiberholic, with a basset hound with similar tastes. Total amount of yarn destroyed by dog ~$190.

Wait, Let me just finish this last row
Being single, having cats and dogs, knitting, and blogging all seem to go hand in hand in hand in hand.

The Knitting Doctor
I'm an obsessed knitter, with a great pure bred Brown dog.

A girl, her mutt, and some yarn.


Knitting, Dogs and More
Just me having fun with my 2.5 year old, 2 dogs, and knitting.

Life's A Stitch
A blog about life and its antidote - knitting. Supported by my wheaten coloured Scottie, Ms. Amazin' Grace

The Doily Maven
A blog about knitting and other crafty pursuits with occasional gratuitous pictures of a very cute, very naughty little shepherd mix puppy.

Simple Living In A Complex World
Knitting, reading, gardening, crafts, and living the simple life.

Cyber Fiber Scriber
I am a weaver who has avoided knitting for fifty years. Welcome to the year I jump through the rabbit hole into the world of knitting. Will I turn into a knitting knut...or remain a weaving diva...stay ...

LibrariAnne: Knitter, Rocker, Blogger.

Daily Distractions
This is my blog dedicated to knitting and other crafties. Also starcommunity our Shih-Tzu puppy Abbey.

a fun fiberarts blog about a girl and her muse, a 9lb chihuahua named Atchoo!.

a knitter's soul
Is there anything more soothing to the soul than knitting with a dog on your lap?

Feeling Tangerine
Fun with Spinning, Knitting, Textile and Jewelry Design. With my lovely canine assistants, Lily and Kya, the rescue queens and usually a foster or two.

Sarah's Journal
A journal about everyday life. Starcommunity knitting projects galore, Molly the wonder-dog, and Murphy the mega-puppy (aka "Destructo-Boy").

Rose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff.

Yarn Miracle
It's a knit blog. Occasionally featucommunity Angus Ivey who likes to pose with knitted objects.