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This community is for knitters who love dogs.

Knitting and Other Stuff
Ramblings about knitting and other stuff by a graphic designer who is slave to her dog.

A Good Yarn
A website about knitting and other life activities.

Lucky Penny's Workshop
The adventures of a knit designer, her man, and her dog. We're growing a business and writing a book!

Desert Knitter
Fun ramblings on knitting, SCA and my Niece Dogs.

Knit Think
A blog about knitting and life, which includes my two beloved dogs, Teddy and Gracie

Marnie Talks
I knit, I talk, I love my dog, I post free patterns, it's less painful than a root canal, and less expensive to boot.

Always on the lookout for the latest knitting trends at knitdamsel.

A blog about knitting, babies, dogs, and how the three fit together. Or not.

The Dragon Knits
Knitting with talons is not hard.

The Day In The Life of a Knotty Girl
Follow The Knotty Girl in her quest to knit more than just a scarf.

Knitting Circle
A blog about my knitting projects and pets.

The Stitchin Seminarian
I discuss knitting projects, knitting problems, knitting triumphs, knitting stuff I find on the web, as well as the occasional rant about my seminary education.

Sunset Cat
knitting, scuba diving, my Tonkinese cats and my English Cocker Spaniel Rigel

Rolling in yarn
Writings about knitting, yarn, my puppy, finished objects and free patterns

Spinning Sue
I spin, I dye, I knit, I have a border collie called Max :-)

A girl, some yarn, and a weinerdog...
a nearly 30something's journey through life, hopefully love, and the pursuit of good yarn...

Twig's (mis)Adventures in Knitting
Join Twig on her (mis)adventures in knitting and hear her obsess about knitting, love & dogs (not necessarily in that order).

Knitty Gritty Thoughts
All my knitting adventures along the road of becoming a better knitter.

Pixie Sticks
Weimaraners in cohoots with the yarn gnomes.

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
I am a male knitter and the only one I have met knitting in public in PIttsburgh. I am also trying to purchase the affection of my wife's dog Sally who is too cute for words.

Knitting, as well as whatever other DIY projects I happen across, and school-Art History, my puppsy dog as well as any interesting adventures that we (me and me dog) have...there are usually a lot.

Random Fiber Ramblings
My life as a knitter, pet owner, mom and teacher, with everything else added in!

A blog about my life, my loves & my knitting

I crochet and am a new knitter and enjoying every minute of it....

Tightly Wound
Left-Brained Thoughts on the Creative Life