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League of Warm & Fuzzy Traditionalists is a community of blogs maintained by various Catholics that love the pre-Vatican II Liturgy. They denounce the fruits and spirits of Vatican II reforms... but in a warm and fuzzy way, devoid of evil superiority complexes. A group of happy Catholics in love with their Church, who are staunch traditionalists and only cantankerous half the time.

a thorn in the pew
Traditional Catholic mom who seeks the traditional in a diocese where little exists. Raising 3 kids(2 autistic) with a love for the Church, the Tridentine Mass and sacred music. Finding a little humor ...

Yet Another Catholic Knitwit
Yet Another Catholic Knitwit (or YACK, as I affectionately call it, is my blog on which I talk about the Catholic Faith (of which I am lucky enough to be a member), as well as my recent knitting and crochet ...

The Inspired Traditionalist
For those catholics who are Inspired to Tradtionalism and support each other in theri faith

A secular world...a Catholic perspective

Sister Allie's Schtick
This is the blog of "Sister" Allie, a quirky; mantilla donning; Latin loving; fish on Friday; "Rome-friendly" trad who is totally in love with Our Lord Jesus Christ; discerning a religious vocation and ...

Eastward, Catholic Soldiers!
Random ramblings on many things - Eastern/Western Catholicism, the state of the Church and Her liturgy, how to solve all the world's problems, and things that make me go hmmmm.

So Many Devotions...So Little Time
So Many Devotions...So Little Time, A Roman Catholic Gal Explores the Many Devotional Practices in the Catholic Faith. With this blog I hope to investigate the riches of our Catholic worship traditions. ...

Thoughts of a Regular Guy
Just the blog of this regular guy, writing about what he thinks about the things in the world that interest him.


Our Lady's Tears
Traditional Catholic blogsite dedicated to spreading devotion to Our Sorrowful Mother and assistance for the Holy Souls. Updated daily and exceedingly inspicommunity!

Ecce Agnus Dei
Traditional Catholic Concerns

Sitting on the Rock, stacommunity at the sky
Personal weblog.

causa nostrae laetitiae
A new freelance writer and Catholic homeschooling mother of three girls shares her thought on bcommunitying a Culture of Life to the public sqare.

Disciple of the Dumb Ox
Nearly daily thoughts of a proudly Roman Catholic father.

Benedicamus Domino
Based in California, Benedicamus Domino consists of the musings of a wine country Catholic. Subjects vary, from Bay Area traditionalism, to knitting, to gardening, to wine.

Catholic Family Vignettes
A collage of literary snapshots from the life of a large traditional Catholic family.

The Roman Sacristan
You never know what you'll find in a sacristy. Musings on Catholicism, liturgy, and internet humor.

Knit Together in Love
The musing of a Catholic homeschool mom of 5.

RC Mommy
A blog by a DRE who posts mostly about her family life because parishioners have found the blog...

Verbum Veritatis
opinions, rants, teachings of a conservative traditional minded Catholic in Liturgical Purgatory (ie MahonyLand USA that is to say Los Angeles, but more sepcifically Walnut, Ca). However is blessed to ...