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Click Member link to see site in tvLaura Without Labels
Laura, ever the skeptic, uses amazing insight and rationality to deal with all the labels society forces upon her. Examining both the validity of the label personally and it's very definition, she will ...

Word Presser
This blog is about words: sometimes I will write about my students' words, sometimes about my words, sometimes about my family's and friends' words, about TV words, book words, news words, and movie words. ...

Feminist Mom in Montreal
I am starting out on a journey in feminist parenting, meaning that I will strive to live up to my own feminist ideals while being a mother and to raise my child to be a good person who respects others ...

Rhapsody In Books
Book Reviews, Web Site Recommendations, and Commentary from the Left

Heart of Green
Notes from an eco-humanist

Seeking the Cranberry, Color in a World of Black and White
I am a freelance writer and speaker on cultural diversity and transnational race relations. I am passionate about facilitating cooperation and support among groups who are working to eradicate racism and ...

Merry Heathen
Rants and raves, occasional deep thought and mind chatter from an Eclectic Pagan/Liberal/Single working mom.

So This is Wonderland
The rants, raves, opinions (and I have a lot of them) and random thought of a Pagan/Democrat/Liberal single mom constantly scratching her head about the world around her.

South Side Star
Visit the original cyberlounge for Politics & Pop Culture. Blogging "mental martinis" sure to keep you entertained, informed, and ever expanding.

Maid Marian's Refuge
Blog focusing on politics, and sustainable lifestyles and business.

Tild ~
"Intellect vast, cool and unsympathetic" --HG Wells "But mostly vast" --Tild

Curiouser & Curiouser
A weblog for those who live actively, artfully, thoughtfully, passionately and with great curiosity.

Citizen Power
Power of knowledge and power for the planet. Anti-war opinion and news along with environmental news, by a liberal in MN.

Authentic Organizations
Authentic Organizations combines current business and political issues with management science to offer a feminist, not-wholly-capitalist perspective on organizations and their members. Authentic Organizations ...

Ramblings of an Ageless Hippie Chick
Rants and musings about this Kali Yuga from a broad who should keep her mouth shut, but doesn't. (Kali Yuga: the "Dark Age" lasting 432,000 years...when avarice and wrath are common, rulers become unreasonable, ...

The BEST in Faux News
On what we feel is wrong in this world, we canít stop people from saying I donít agree or I donít care, but we wonít let them say I didnít know. And, of course, our goal is and always will be to be the ...

the uncensored pen.
Stories about college life, personal battles, and what it means to be female.

Deanna's Ramblings
Smart, incisive political commentary from a progressive/lesbian perspective.

Stuff Queer People Need To Know
Stuff Queer People Need To Know is a radical queer blog discussing and reporting on issues related to women and queers.

Online Sex Toy Shop
One of the UK's Largest Online store-Over 3500 products in stock

URBAN Sapphic
Hello and welcome to my Blog: Urban Sapphic I am known as the Provocative Genius and I am a blogger from the United States. If you are looking for information about lesbians, movies, television, The L ...

Creeping Credentials
A personal blog from a PhD in progress: art history, feminism, politics, life.

Susan Murphy Milano
A place to rant, rave, highlight the good, the bad and the evil. When someone endures one of the most horrific experiences of their lives, Susan Murphy-Milano is there to guide them with the knowledge, ...

Snarky McSnark
Two women's progressive and sarcastic take on the problems of society. Well, at least as we see them.

mama in macondo
mama in macondo is a new blog about life and motherhood. a canadian mama of a toddler monkey and a preschooler monster has packed up shop with her argentinian husband and moved to a jungly beach town ...

My Political Side
I am a progressive, liberal writer who sees the United States as part of a global community that must strive for equality and a level playing field for all. I write about current events and American history, ...

Campus Women's Organization Blog
Women, united, will never be defeated! Campus Women's Organization is an activist student group at the University of Pittsburgh, focusing on advancing the goals of third-wave feminism on campus and ...

Web Design
Discount web design is a UK based web development company. We have talented designers and experience web developers. Our price are affordable. Discount Web Design UKĒ also provides a service that allows ...

stuartbramhall's blog
Stuartbramhall's blog is a left libertarian feminist site focusing on real life grassroots activism and what concerned people need to do about the fact that the human species stands on the brink. We face ...

Mature Landscaping
Mature Landscaping surveys the landscape of aging with wit, insight, and compassion. I am an unabashed liberal elitist, a feminist, a bibliophiliac, and a retired psychotherapist. Over a long career, ...

Striking 13
Politics and news from a progressive point of view. The name, "Striking 13," is taken from the first line of George Orwell's '1984.' Striking 13 focuses on civil liberties, sheds light on dumb politician ...

The Delphiad Blog
The Delphiad Blog presents a radical feminist perspective on society through the lens of gender-based othering and power imbalances. Inspiration for this blog comes from my first novel, La Delphinee, published ...

This Week In Lady News
This Week in Lady News is a sometimes ironic and sometimes serious look at gendered news. With regular features like news roundup "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady" and an emphasis on how religion affects ...