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Commentary from the other side of the gaze: Feminist reviews and news, occasional personal rants.

Street harassment is a serious and multi-faceted social problem that makes women and people of other marginalized groups unsafe in public spaces. HollaBackBoston does not define street harassment but ...

Shacommunity the amazing world of ICTs and their potential for feminists and women's groups: that's what this blog is for / Discuter du monde fantastique des TIC et leur intérêt pour les féministes et ...

Women's Bioethics Blog
We have recruited scholars and public policy analysts from around the world to provide daily news and commentary on the implications of bioethical issues for women. Regular postings, never bocommunity, ...

This, That and the Other
A collection of random thoughts, observations and cool photography from a single mom, full time writer, and part time minister who has rediscovered the magic in every day living. Written with a Buddhist/Judaic/and ...

Diary of a [N]e[u]rotic Masseuse
I am a 29-year-old woman, currently trying to complete a Master's (with great difficulty!) and working as an erotic masseuse to make ends meet. My blog started off being about life as a sex worker, but ...

I want to be 60

C U Next Tuesday
C U Next Tuesday is an alternately humourous/angry/serious blog dedicated to bcommunitying together feminists from around Canterbury and Kent. We blog both on local issues, and world wide new stories, ...

The Crone Speaks
A group blog bcommunitying together strong women's voices to rise above the status quo.

Dancing on Colette's Grave
One woman's journey through life, love and beyond

Step Into the Nexus
Stimulating the Mind, Body & Soul

The Red Hibiscus
Mostly reviews of poetry intermixed with comments on the environment we all share.

Tinge of Blue

MyOpen Letters
My letters about topical issues

flying solo
havestrength writes about life, love, and random work experiences. enjoy! comment! laugh!

Black Political Thought
Black Political Thought is your premier blog for thought-provoking commentaries on social and political issues as they affect African Americans and blacks worldwide.

The Disenchanted Forest
The disillusioned rantings of a tart-tongued harpy:Politics, Religion and anything else that gets my panties in a wad

Life After a Corporate Downsize
Life after a Corporate Downsize, how I make money at home and how I build my business. Resources for you, lots of articles.

Season of the Bitch
A blog about a little bit of everything, but mostly progressive politics and feminist issues.

Eve's Bible
From the author of "Eve's Bible," commentary on women's spirituality and religion in America.

Light Rail Coyote
An exhausted but opinionated graduate student reflects on life as a New Yorker, a feminist, a twenty-something, a scholar, and a teacher…

ilse's thngs
Random stuff that fills my mind... and might just materialize!

Amani- the blog
Observations on what people at the intersection of a waning conflict and an unfolding peace are doing to reshape the societies that they live in.

The Zaftig Redhead
juicy social and political commentary from our nation's capital

Complacencies of the Peignoir
The bittersweet musings of a young southern wife teaching, living, and cooking in a strange, Southern world.

Milwaukee Social Worker
Welcome to my blog! I am eager to share my thoughts and feelings with everyone and receive feedback. Hopefully this can be a forum for open discussion, respect, and a little bit of humor. I am a social ...

Clotted Cognition
My personal blog about living with a faulty body in a faulty world full of faulty but fabulous students.

Everything in its own time
Homepage of Elizabeth Ross - freelance writer on feminist and political issues.

Progressive politics, political cartoons, opinion, postings daily

Liberal Tendencies
A place to share and discuss links to current events and charitable opportunities. Yes, the author of this blog does lean liberal but that does not mean this blog is only about politics and it does not ...

Buzzzed Blue Blog
Progressive blue blogger in the deep dark scary red south.

Chasing Justice
A blog written about matters surrounding violent crime against women with an emphasis on improving the rights of the victim via public awareness, involvement and criminal judicial reform.

Examining and critiquing the modern and post-modern world, trying to find some reason. Along with some current events.

Slightly skewed views on feminism, politics, parenthood, and the occasional kitty.

Passion Fruit
A Goddess is a woman who strives to make informed, conscious choices that benefit her health, beauty, and spiritual wellness; she is not a high-maintenance diva-girl. Being a Goddess is about living well ...

The Egalitarian Bookworm (Chick?)...
Unpretentious book reviews, left-wing media criticism, ranting and and obsession with 19th century novels of manners on film.

Frank- The Political Progressive

Ms. Ann Drist's Feminist Blog
Exposing sexism and misogyny among all those otherwise progressive men … and women.

Sex Workers Outreach Project- East, a chapter of SWOP - USA, is a social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and ...

Cult of Gracie
Valiant Gnostic of Sexuality

The Only Baggage You Can Bcommunity
A level-headed and thoughtful perspective on media, pop-culture, news, politics, feminism, the economy, the environment and anything else I feel is worth noting.

Natch Greyes for Senate 2020
Although not a woman, Natch Greyes supports the feminist movement and wanted Hillary Clinton as the 44th President. This blog is dedicated to assisting Natch's run for Senate in 2020.

The Lone Trucker Blog
A blog dedicated to keeping truckers informed on their issues worldwide.

The Corvid Diaries
The Life and Times of a Goddessian Harpy

hannie's musings 7.0
For the most part, Kitsap County Washington and Washington state politics are discussed, from the liberal slant, occasionally I dip into the US arena. I belong to the 26th district LD party in Washington ...

Tracy Viselli (Myrna the Minx)
One of Nevada's most read political blogs.

Momma Politico: The World According to Perry
Political rants and raves of a working mom/political junkie. Read, comment, and know that our lives are as significant as those in The Washington Post.

Womens Legal Resource
We Shall Conquer Untruth By Truth And In Resisting Untruth We Shall Put Up With All Suffecommunity

The Outskirts
Served by your Hostess from Philadelphia's LGBT side of the tracks...

Feminist Platform for Obama
This is an evolving document authored by a subgroup of members of Feminists for Obama. The platform is a result of months of discussions via listserve ducommunity the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and ...