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The little black dress for the angry lesbian in us all.

Dameocrat Blog
She's trying to divert your attention with real issues!

The Subversive Librarian
Commentary on politics, motherhood, and other messes by a real librarian.

One Tenacious Baby Mama
i am a WYSIWYG, capricornian, dark skinned, matriarchal, polyamorous, fat, tall, working class, happily living in exile or, depending on how you see it...permanently on voluntary sabbatical, ancestor/universe/ ...

Listening For Change
End yourself some racism. Thoughts of an irreverent white woman. For well-intentioned white folks and people of color who want encouragement.

A political polyblog made up of liberals, feminists, queers, friends of queers.

The Truth
Here is the truth. I confront the fourth reich (the neocons) with a tenacity you will not see anywhere else.

Day to day thoughts that keep cropping up between friends and some personal contemplation...

A literature scholar's blog devoted to reading otherwise. My academic interests focus on African and third world literatures. Although I will blog on cultural artifacts, I'm also interested in communally ...

Why We Fight
My new center for all things radically feminist related that cross my path. I am a student forging my path through the world since my consciousness was radically raised five years ago.

Margaret's Wandecommunitys
My blog is about things that matter to me. It is about my political, literary and geographical wandecommunitys as well as my reflections on how to make this earth we live with a more habitable place for ...

Musings of a Yale DD
Working though what it means to be a feminist, liberal Christian.

Feminism Without Clothes
Both a photography blog as well as a political one. The face and thoughts of a nude model

Sarah's Blog Space
This blog is a woman-centered, feminist blog dealing with issues facing women today. It is focused on equality, human rights, freedoms, and liberty that all women worldwide must have.

life as i know it...
life as i know it... the blog of a 20-something Canadian gal who's interested in music, movies, politics, the law, travel, and general silliness.

Black Looks
Focus on African women, gender, lesbian, human rights, literature and all things to do with Africa.

On The Homefront
Drowning in a seatide of christian fundamentalism, right-winged politics, and the just war theory and finding the courage to swim against it.

Stacey's Panic Room
A panic room is a place to get away from danger, or in my case, the insanity of the world: especially from the debacle that is the Bush Administration (though my post topics are not limited to such.) This ...

Blog of My Ugly Sweater: PhD candidate, former art-historian, current cultural studies junkie, attender of protests, lover of indiepop, parent to my cats, my dog, my chubby fish, partner of two star, maker ...

The Red Hibiscus
Poetry. Gripes. Angst. Optimism. Women. Power. Animals.

Combination of feminist, LGBT, political comments, with Sunday funnies tossed in for fun.

No Ordinary Princess

A bit of one or t'other.

Maternal Digressions
This blog is a conversation about parenting, work-life balance, and other incidental subjects.

The Lilith Fund: True Abortion Stories
Lilith: A Fund for Reproductive Equity believes that the right to choose an abortion is meaningless without access to abortion services. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed ...

The RealSpiel
God, sex, politics & art from artist Becki Jayne Harrelson. Reviving the Goddess and insights into lesbian feminism and queer Christology.

Be regaled by stories and exposes of NorthWest London's Orthodox Jewish Community. Such scandals as Community Stupidity, Lesbian Love in an All-Girls School, the Journey from Golders Green to Marx, the ...

Musings on politics, culture, law and motherhood from a politicl mom.

Allegorical American

On My Mind
Come with me on a journey about life, love, and LWB (Living While Black) I don't promise to be profound but I am definitely opinionated.

The Blogging Curmudgeon
Reflections on politics, culture, and the arts, in the very jaundiced eye of Curmudgette.

i'm a grad student/filmmaker interested in community-building in cyberspace, feminist intervention and activism, canadian politics, and the intersections of critical theory (feminist, pomo, poco....) with ...

Whitterer on Autism
A life altecommunity approach to bcommunitying up a couple of autistic boys, a couple of typical girls, with foreign parents in the USA

Figure: Demystifing the Feminist Mystique
A feminist blog from both sides of the pond.

I never leave the house without incident
just another midwestern feminist carving out a piece of the blogosphere and making some sense of the world

Written on the Body
This blog is both personal and political- I write about politics from a feminist perspective and how the influence literature, pop culture and my own life.

Washington Woman
Thinking, speaking, writing, and being active on issues that affect women, children, society, the environment and a little place that we like to call home - Earth. Emphasis on women's issues, both social ...

Feminist Nation
Feminist news and musings by a bisexual, macrobiotic, college-educated, pagan/buddhist, somewhat radical feminist single mother.

Hapless Tigger
Joyce writes about politics, sports, popular culture, feminism, gay rights, and whatever else may be on her mind -- all with a sense of hilarity and a lefty bent.

Feminist Bite
A feminist analysis of media, politics, and development from a UK/Australian perspective.

Mostly True Stories
Stories from the delivery room to the lavatory.

Amanda Fritz
I'm a Registered Nurse and mom, and I was the first candidate ever to qualify for Public Campaign Financing when I ran for Portland City Council in 2005-6. My blog is about issues I find interesting in ...

Feminists to the Rescue
A feminist perspective on life from two friends who have banded together to bcommunity patriarchy to its villainous knees.

Political events, political culture from a progressive woman attorney's POV

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent
Blogging on the value of progressive parenting techniques with an emphasis on research and balance

That Uncanny Valley
Because the world is too serious not to be funny.

Bipolar and Me
A bipolar girl trying to make sense of the world. Bipolar doesn't mean who I am, it just happens to be what I am, and does it really affect my day to day life? I'm trying to figure that out.

Muddy roads & dusty trails
Comments on today's happening, sometimes in a poetic way. Non-violence is important and there can be no doubt thatis written from a feminist perspective.

Soul Psychadelicyde

A Bird and a Bottle