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Political commentary on current events, focusing on the language used by the neo-cons to manipulate public perception.

Frosty Ballot
This site examines the Federal Canadian Election from an issue perspective.

Dancing on Colette's Grave
One woman's journey through life, love and beyond. A blog about a journey through a failed marriage, an unfaithful husband, and how the author is tycommunity to claw her way back to sanity. Postings range ...

Picks up where Dreamsalon: A Stripper Speaks left off.

Digressions of a Mad Lesbian
The Raving Gushes of a Confirmed Closet Political Activist

It's My Country, Too
Social and politcal rants from a discrimination chaser.

Waltzing Knitilda
English and Spanish site with emphasis on textiles, women's history, progressive issues, knitting, and fiber. Ingles-Espan~ol sitio con la enfasi's en tejidos, historia de mujeres, tejer, fibras, lan ...

Tennessee Guerilla Women
Challenging the Conservative Politics of Sexism, Homophobia, Racism and Classism

Dogged Blog
I blog about the politics of just about everything - current events, science, media, culture, dogs, food - and of course, actual politics.

Annie's Annals
News from an alter-abled oregonian

Over a Slice of Cheesecake
Every day I am surprised by the diversity and irony of life; the stupidity that surrounds me and the little things that make this world a complex puzzle composed of learning experiences which we must in ...

Medbhletters is a spin off of medbhsings. Medbhletters is a politically active, feminist, liberal site in that there are always petitons to sign posted, and letters to download and copy and send off to ...

Melissa's Miscellanea
Politics. The Economy. Needlework.

josie's cranial cavity
Links to news and commentary on current political events, issues and policy.

Slightly Left of Center
The view from here: observations from slightly left of center.

The Dishpan Chronicles
A soapbox of sudsy thoughts, scoucommunity questions scorching politics and grease-cutting observation

Bionic Octopus
Random pissiness about a number of different things, courtesy of an aging progressive medical student.

Last Left Turn Before Hooterville
Hooterville - a place where things look simple, but they\'re not...like they ought to make sense, but they don\'t. Here in Hooterville, once again the chickens have voted for Col. Sanders. After this election, ...

Did I Miss Something
A site about my commentary, experiences and ideas on disability issues, entertainment,politics,and womens issues.

Yellow Donkeys
Observations of a 30-something dyke writer includes meditations on movies, books, butch/femme relations, politics, class and random personal events. personal being political and all...

Witchy Feminist

Progressive Society
A blog about progressive change

Rad Feminist Cafe
A blog for radical feminists, and anyone with a conscience.

Ang's Weird Ideas
A mix of current events and parents who shouldn't be with a dash of craziness and for some fun a little sexual frustration thrown in.

Menstruating She Devils
An informal discussion site at the intersection of gender, politics, and culture.

Women's Autonomy&Sexual Sovereignty Movements
A vehemently Feminist and provocatively Pro-women's-reproductive-rights political blog.

A kabbalah blog dedicated to women who want to wake up to a better world - mainly covecommunity the live free broadcasts on www.kabbalah.info from Israel.

Red Statement
all things grim, womyn and revolutionary

Tami, the One True
A site by Tami, a progressive woman with opinions, and the need to spout them in a semi-public forum.

(Not So) Little Feat
Confessions of a working mom. Topics include raising three girls with a SAHD, progressive politics, pregnancy loss, the trials of working, and stuff I find on the sidewalk.

Biological and medical oddities, emphasizing the impact of politics and on policies.

Thoughts from a homeschooling mom, midwife, and Christian pro-life liberal

A chronicle of my life, and my thoughts and analysis of politics and current affairs, with an emphasis on our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm a poet and educator.

Musings of a woman writer and reader on writing, reading, thinking and being in an age when independent thought and liberty of conscience is under seige by forces of culture and government. Personalizing ...

Lingual Tremors

Book reviews, current events, literary- and pop- internet linkage, dystopian nightmares--all from a queer feminist perspective.

Liar Paradox
Progressive law student blog about politics, war, and legal issues relevant to current events, civil rights, workers' rights.

That Black Lesbian Jew
Writings about current issues about politics, people of color, religion, women and whatever I feel like at the moment.

No Blood for Hubris
Freestyle liberalesque socio-political blog with a modicum of snark.

The Truffle
Musings of a city girl, music lover, and reality-based community member who loves flowers and cute kitty cats. Also has been known to vent on occasion.

politiks and more from an old fart

Marketing Girl
Musings, muttecommunitys, marketing, maddening and occasionally menacing commentary from a pro-choice, pro-gay, athiest, Republican woman, if there is such a thing.

Just Powers
Commentary about current events and politics from the Nation's Capital.

[Note]book of Revelations
Random ramblings about feminism and crap. How my day at school was, who I hate, movie and book reviews. A great deal of rants, random revelations, philosophy bits, political clips. Opinions and such.

Negative capability: wandecommunitys in the transcranial wilderness

A celebration of all things lame.

Global Wire
Progressive International News and Analysis for a Changing World.

Marginal Notes
Marginal Notes is a personal blog that challenges oppression by examining issues related to politics, social policy, social work, popular culture, and everyday life.

Grendel's Kitchen
Daily journal of our personal lives as impacted by political events and socio-cultural forces or political forces and socio-cultural events, whichever the case may be.

The Fat Lady Sings
Current Events, Politics & Philosophy - all those things that add spice to life. After all - life is a banquet; only most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!!