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An archive of information on human rights abuses, prisoner abuse, and torture committed by the Coalition of the Willing in the Global War on Terror.

Ellen and Jim have a blog, too
A partly personal, literary but always progressive and feminist blog.

The disenchanted Forest
The disillusioned rantings of a tart-tongued harpy:Politics, Religion and anything else that gets my panties in a wad

Wordlust : Paperfetish
Writing out loud & mean spirited editorializing.

progressive/radical politics, antiwar issues, feminism, academic life and education, contemporary art and activism, and other things

River Momma
Motherhood, gender and culture issues

I'm gonna get published... damnit!
My journey into self-publishing, maintaining a family, and tying to keep the lights on!

Prolific Punditite
A true passionate researcher into people and how we tick; into the basic questions of nature and nurture; redefining and reevaluating the basic precepts that Socrates, Plato, and others were free enough ...

"An old soul...
progressive politics, politics of progressive education, issues related to children

Political perspectives by a Canadian woman working in American politics.

Out in Left Field
Where parenting and politics meet, but don't always play nice.

Princess Wild Cow
The older I get, the louder I get. I have to, it's obvious the powers that be haven't been listening.

The G Bitch Spot
at which a mad black woman rants about New Orleans, insomnia, teaching, various -isms and anything else involving a bitch, a spot or the letter g

Pen-Elayne on the Web
Elayne Riggs' Journal

Medusa Coils
Fiercely defending, bravely explocommunity Goddess and spiritual feminisms

Think Pink!
Think Pink! is the blog and homepage for Madison Women for Peace: a Code Pink affiliate. It's a group blog, where members write about issues of war and peace, the media and U.S. politics.

Severine Baron
My life in the bush of Lost Angels...

Politics and the Assembled Multitude subjected to acute observation. Liberal/left but non-partisan.

With All Due Respect
Rants, Raves, Reviews and Creative Writings from an outspoken Puerto Rican, lesbian lawyer. English and Spanish are spoken here! Topics include Local Politics (US-PR), LGBT Issues, Personal Challenges, ...

Preemptive Karma
Our site is mostly for discussion of political and current events of the day. We have an independent and progressive political bent. We love to be challenged and we love good debate. Feel free to ...

Probably about books, c18, detritus, parenting, poaching, print, sf, or writing.

Just Ain't Right
A rant on the current state of the world by a Los Angeles-based lipstick hippie

Reclaiming Medusa
Feminist Peace Network's Lucinda Marshall blogs here.

Jottings on politics, religion and culture from an academic mom.

So what can I do?
ideas and tips most anyone can use to create positive social change in their community, their world and themselves.

They Get Letters
I write letters, post responses, keep track of responsiveness of elected officials and others. Plus I just plain old blog on issues, mainly political.


media girl
A community of, by and for women in (and interested in) media and politics.

Goldi's Glittery Goodness
A crafty girl's life in a southern town.

Being Amber Rhea
A liberal feminist web developer tells it like it is.

Hot Flash Report
Opinionated liberal views of the wrongs of the right by Ann Rose and Susan Hill

Half Changed World
A dc mom and policy work muses about the intersections between gender, work, family, policy and the media. Weekly book reviews.

ill-sorted ephemera
assorted random thoughts on life, the universe, everything

Daily commentary on news and politics by columnist Joy-Ann Reid.

A somewhat cranky look at news, current events, politics, media, culture, Irish traditional music, and various shiny things.

Feminist musings on politics, family, teaching. . . and food.

Politics, lit., law, common toads, etc. from a poverty lawyer and freelance writer in San Francisco.

Brown Rab Girl Fish
inside-out; urban; blue-berry colored; terrorized by neurotic diasporic pleasure; hooked up, spaced out, slowed down, juiced; agonized, ironic, passionate, joyous, contemplative.

Musings & Migraines
Writing myself to sleep so I won't cry myself to sleep over the sorry state of the union. "The effect of a good government is to make life more valuable,-- of a bad one, to make it less valuable."-- Henry ...

Jessie Bluejay: The Fascinating Concerns of the Birdbrain
This is where a culture junkie blogs about her myriad interests including but not limited to teaching, cooking, making fun of fashion, films (bollywood in particular), and japanese culture.

book of days
A mosaic blog - equal parts commentary, part notes for upcoming journalistic and creative work, and borrowings from/allusions to the fine writing that helps *me* make sense of it all.

building the margins
A space to post thoughts, gripes, ideas, frustrations, rants, hopes, etc. about the frail state of our fair union. So, pull up a comfy chair, send your comments as you see fit, and indulge me in the use ...

Hydrogen & Stupidity
Lefist politics with a cranky slant

music, movies, multimedia, musings, progressive politics, poetry, and writing from the mousepad

rage is good
written by a queer feminist from new england who recently moved to alabama and sees much in the world worth getting angry about.

knit me more time...
Politics, knitting, grad school and other meandecommunitys. And not enough time for any of it.

Blog Alice
a jumble of views on the world and reactions as a woman in academia

Mad Kane's Notables
Humor Columnist Madeleine Kane's political satire, song parodies, news haiku, & commentary on politics, the White House, current events, the law, books, music, & anything else that inspires her admiration ...

My daily muse.

Commentary on our hopes and terrors for everyone who has ever wondered: "can it happen here?"