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This is a community for women who blog on Progressive/Liberal politics.

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
The Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents keep their fingers on all gay things in the Pittsburgh region.

Designated Driver of North America
Observations about political and social issues mostly in Canada and the U.S., but occasionally the rest of the world.

Curmudgeonly Crab
Commentary, essaylets, sacred cow tipping, miscellany and eclectia from a bleeding heart crustacean

Echidne of the snakes
Echidne of the snakes is a very minor Greek goddess. She uses her wisdom to blog about politics, feminism and the follies of everyday life.

Leah's Life
Welcome! This is a personal blog where I relfect on life, Judaism and my healing from an abusive childhood (including incest and other forms of abuse) and a bit of politics. If you are a victim/ survivor/ ...

Peace Arena
Rena's online venue for performances of resistance and activism.

I set up terryfaceplace as a public space where I could share news, essays, stories and my own experiences. My two main areas of activism are for peace, social justice, and election reform. I post about ...

Just Another Girl On The IRT
The mind droppings and musings of a pseudo-intellectual hellcat in high heels who colors outside the lines and thinks she knows it all. But has no damn idea.

Moving On
A blog by a UK woman who believes in equality, fairness and justice for all and who always looks beneath the surface of political rhetoric.

Political Sapphire
A cornucopia site in which national electoral and coalition politics, law, women, and just plain old life are the topics of the day. Progressive, but never dogmatic.

Purple Elephant's Corner
Trying to balance motherhood with study, self-fulfilment and the important issues concerning us all. If you want to know more, then feel free to read on…..

A blog about politics, current events, feminist issues, human rights, gay rights, women's rights, and friday cat blogging.

Jean's Voice
My web log of my self-education on national politics, policy and foreign affairs.

Bitch. Ph.D.
A personal blog that touches on academia, feminism, reproductive rights, politics, and open marriage.

Oral Hygiene Queen
I'm a feminist mama, English teacher, rock musician, poet, and oral hygiene devotee. This blog is about my obsessions, rants, and generally my life, particularly the parts that strike me as funny or ...

Trish Wilson's Blog
Trish Wilson's Blog focuses on family issue and family law, and criticizes the backlash politics of the fathers' rights movement.

Thinkingblue is a progressive, liberal site with up to date articles about what is going on in the USA and the world. Liberal is not a four letter word!

Where popular and political cultures meet

Pam's House Blend
American. Female. Lesbian. Ethnically diverse. Opinionated. Apparently intimidating the average ignorant wingnut by simply waking up each day and shacommunity my thoughts on politics. Join the debat ...

We Are the Resistance
Otto von Bismarck said "If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made." My experience is, you're gonna get the sausages anyway. Better keep the lights on and insist on ...

Fluffy Dollars
feminist and marxists takes on pop culture, writing, music, trash and ephemera. Plus fluffy dogs.

Lives We Might Live
Just like the Joad's on the road to California, the world we live in is suffecommunity and in need of a radically more beautiful future than the one being laid out by US imperialism. What sort of lives ...

"How long do you have to get hit in the head before you start asking who's hitting you in the head?"

State of The Qusan
My place to rant, rave and laugh about life and the world around me.

Get Clucky!
Perched at a werid life moment, I ponder the pragmatics and politics of pregnancy.