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Does it get any cuter and sweeter than the Care Bears?? These colorful and cuddly bears have been warming our hearts for years now which is why this Care Bears community was created.
Here you can find everything from Care Bears for sale to products like DVDs, bedding and much more with just one click! We offer a little bit of everything pertaining to the lovable Care Bears for people just like you who love these sweet little bears.

Care Bears Products
This is the best place to find all things Care Bears! We have Care Bear Information and Products like Plush toys, Bedding, Movies and more! Find all your favorites here; Grumpy Bear, Good Luck Care Bears, ...

Care Bears Toys, Movies and More
It's like stumbling on the Care Bear kingdom! We have it all - Care Bear Information and Products, Plush toys, Bedding, Movies and even Grumpy Bear, Good Luck Care Bears, Care Bear Cousins and more!

Care Bears and Hugs
They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they come in many different colors of the rainbow – they’re the Care Bears. The Care Bears have been loved by many children and adults throughout the ages. There are many children who grew up watching the Care Bears. If you grew up during the “Care Bear ages,” then chances are you asked your parents on many different occasions if you could get the new Care Bear movie that was coming out. Within this article, we are going to tell you some more information on these ever so special bears that many of us have grown up with.

Today, when you look at the Care Bears, you may not see the same thing you saw as a child, but through your child’s eyes, the Care Bears truly are something to have.  The Care Bears characters have been created by American Greetings during the year 1981. They were originally created to be used on the greeting cards, which, might we add, gave a great look to the care bears.

The original artwork that went with these cards were painted by Elena Kurcharik, who proved to us that she was a great artist. During the year 1983, Kenner turned the Care Bears into wonderful, cuddly looking plush teddy bears. What's so great about the Care Bears? How about the fact that they are all filled with care and would never do anything wrong? (Bet you can't say that about people!!) Each one of the Care Bears comes with a different color along with a special insignia that can be found on the belly. The insignia tells us what the personality and duty is of the special, huggable, loveable Care Bear.

When this insignia first came out on the Care bears, it was called their “tummy symbol.” In the latest movie titles ‘Oopsy Does It, which was created in 2007, they call this insignia their “belly badges.”  There is a new addition to the family of Care Bears, called the Care Bear Cousins. With the Care Bear Cousins, we have the monkey, penguin, lion, rabbit and other animals that were created in the same style that the teddy bears have been created in.

These cute animals appears on their very own television series from the years 1985 to 1988 and was a big hit. In addition to their own television series, they also landed a spot in some great films such as ‘The Care bears movie,’ ‘Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation’ and ‘The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland.’

Just because these movies were made nearly 20 years ago, does not mean that your child should not watch it. There are many old movies that your child will enjoy watching and Care Bears just so happen to be one of them. You could even watch them on the Internet! So come on and enjoy the Care Bears! You’re never too old for hugs!