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This community is intended for the use of Canadian furry artists, costumers, writers, and fanatics to show off their furry-related web site. This is your chance to show your pride in your country AND your furryness! :X)

Honcho's Furry Site
A personal furry web site of a artist/writer and furry.

Atara's World of Furry
Atara's site contains her stories, projects and reviews of anthropomorphic fiction.

Foxtrot's Domain
This web page is dedicated to RPG's, and my personal interest in kitsune, as well as hosts the Dela the Hooda comic strip done by Style Wager.

SoulWolf's Den
A vast array of furry stuff, specializing in my poetry!

Southern Manitoba Organization of Furs
The website for the Southern Manitoba Organization of Furs, for furry fans who live in and around Winnipeg.

Splunk's Gallery
My site selling furry art for a small price. I'll send you the originals if you buy one, and I'm getting photoshop on about the 28th of August 2002 or sooner, so when I get that I can use it too. I specializ ...

Chakat of Shambala
The OL diary of Chakat ClawSharp, child of GoldPaw and NickleBack. Also hir creator's first furry-based blog.

My Little Furry Corner
A personal fur-site. Has a definition of 'furry' along with personal drawings, writing, and a links section.

The Ravine
My art studio, which contains original furry, fantasy and anime artwork, along with a few of fan works & whatever else I decide to add on in!

SaberWolf's Den
This is my little corner in Syber space;) This site contains some art and non fur related poems.{;}{;}Im a hopless romantic so pardon and mushyness =;o){;}{;}hugs and scritches =:oP wooof!

Jonawolf's Lair
The home of my ongoing story, Wild Rose Country, as well as other misc. furry stuff...

furry.ca - the Canadian furry community web site
A resource site for the Canadian furry community. Everyfur is welcome to check out this informative site!

DarkSilver's Den
DarkSilver's furry and fantasy artwork.{;}Brand new site, tons of all new content, updated every month!

Canadian Furry Community
This is the main home page for The Canadian Furry Community. Bcommunity your own peameal back bacon! (BYOPBB!)

Pat The Fox's SIte
This is my furry site. It contains furry artwork, stories and links to other great sites.

Welcome on Nanook & Punky's page
Here you can see my Fursuits creations, my masks, drawing attempt, and cool links.{;}Ici vous pouvez voir mes création de costumes, mes masques, mes tentative en dessins, et mes super lien s.

>>> aladasian's burrow v3.0 (WIP)
The official homepage for Cape Breton based anthro meerkat Aladasian W. Suricatus, containing all sorts of stuff, like artwork, LJ, fave links and more! **CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF BEING UPDATED... err... ...

Slew's Page
A page dedicated to Slew, a Biker Mice From Mars fan character. He's a cop who came to Earth to capture his worst enemy Ferromus.

Zaxtor photomanIpulatioN's oF anthrO furries (ZAXTORINFO)
My site with real-life anthro furry photomanipulations, Something that is a bit rare to find in furries sites

Gina's Art and writings
This is a site to help me gain commissions, but it does include a link to my main site.

puffaliaz's furry art

Les Anthro-pelages. The Furries.
Faites la connaissance de mes personnages anthro-pelage, voyez quelques unes de mes créations de masques de latex et mes tentatives de dessins. Meet my furries creations, look some of my latex masks ...

Leslie's BookStore
Online bookstore, ebooks, paperback, author resources, book listings, banner/text exchange, calendars, freebies, etc...