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My blog about my crochet, and me learning knitting now too.

Jane Thornley Jewelry & Knitwear
Janethornley.com profiles a knitwear designer specializing in color and texture. Besides an online journal, Jane offers free patterns, contests, tips and a host of photographs of her original designs.

Kitten Yarns & Crafts
My blog about knitting, crocheting and sometimes rubber stamp cards or other crafts I may do.

Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on (and on) about knitting.


Nadia's Crafting Adventures
The daily crafting adventures of a young twenty something UBC student.

Sock It To Me
Chit chat from a Canadian knitter who loves to design and knit socks.

Chasing Needles
A blog about my adventures in knitting and hand spinning.

Little Knittin Kitten
The blog of a sex kitten/domestic goddess living in Toronto, Ontario. Grew up in Bedford, Nova Scotia, so I\'ve got the small town and big city life covered.


So many crafts gone by and no documentation, I\'ve finally started keeping track of the things I make. Blogging is right up there on the fun metre, with knitting and crochet. I also dabble in quilting ...

The lost dogs and twisted stitches of my everyday life...

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, crocheting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all.

Strega\'s Needles & Hooks
My adventures in spindling, knitting and whatever else I decide to do.

Food and Yarn
Fibre fun in Vancouver, BC

anny purls
Knitting triumphs (and disasters) of a new suburban mom. Montreal, Qc

Knitting Stuff and going on and on
Knitting, kids, cats, dog, delusions of grandeur, the occasional rant, and a design or two.

London-Wul Fibre Arts
fibre happenings and happiness at a farm, shop and studio in New Brunswick Canada

by Tanya
Explore the world of Knitting and felting with me.


Lissa\'s Long Yarn

like falling down a hill full of sharp rocks...
an attempt at keeping a blog about the stuff i make...

Issues With Knitting
A voracious knitter with more ideas than time. I chronicle my creations and the knitters around me.

Not Pretty To Watch
A little blog about knitting, knees, family, whatever suits me for the moment, written by a 40-something wife and mother.

In Between Stitches
My little world of knit projects.

Kim's Attempts At Knitting
I\'m a newbie knitter and loving every minute of it. I also recycle yarn from sweaters and have been known to spin!

Jigra Knits
About knitting and spinning and angora rabbits and how these wonderous things are all squeezed in to my otherwise full life with work, family and fun.

Designer\'s note
Knitwear designer Leanne Dyck (www.oknitting.com) shares tips, techniques, news and views.

Yosemites Knitting Addiction

Spinning Out
A blog about my spinning and what ever other crafty endevors I might get up to and just about my life as it happens.

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting blog of a 20-something graduate student living and loving in the nation's capital.

Folie Textile Madness
Un site bilingue sur mes multiples amours textiles: la courtepointe, le filage, le tissage, le tricot. A bilingual site on my serial textile affairs: quilting, spinning, weaving and knitting.

To Knit is Divine
My random ramblings about knitting and whatever else comes to mind

Ria Knits!
One person's attempt to improve her life through the copious application of yarn.

Westcoast Woolies
Descriptions of my various fibre activities which keeps me sane while completing a PhD in forestry.

Yarn Magnet

Blog dedicated to knitting, yarn, patterns and all the little things that come between.

We are three sisters shacommunity our passion for knitting and recycling yarn!


Knits Vehemently
Confessions of a Nova Scotia knitwit.

My Hidden Stash
My avdentures with all things crafty with the occasional embellishment of everyday life.

Sylvie the Procraskintter
My website is about my life and about my crafts. I like to knit, sew, quilt and do some crochet.

By The Hills
I blog about my finished projects, our lives, sheep, pets, kids, general life

Issues with Knitting
The issues in my life and my knitting often converge. Writing about it helps me to clear my head.

Not Another Knitblog!
Knitting, spinning, and crafty creativity.

A blog about knitting, spinning and everything in between.

Trampled by Geese
Trampled by Geese, a blog about knitting, spinning, philosophy, gardening and one girl’s attempt to make her way in this world. Feel free to have a look around, there are lots of exciting updates these ...

Chronicles of the Lazy Knitter
I have been knitting for over 20 years and have just recently learned to dye and spin. It\'s been amazing using my own handspun and dyed yarns!

Wool-Crazy in Ottawa
I'm a wool-crazy knitter with a predilection for sock yarns.

Fiber and Thread
my endeavours in quilting, dyeing, surface design and knitting. Some personal content.