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A Presbyterian minister blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus and lightening up. John Shuck is the pastor of the First Presbyterian ...

The Crimson Rambler
Mother of three grown kids, two of them married (to great people--I'm so blessed); "late vocation" after first life as a university instructor in English;

Exile's Return
There is a t-shirt that says "Born in Maine, Living in Exile." I lived in "exile" (actually a very nice place) for 32 years, and returned to Maine in 2005. That's not necessarily what all this is about, ...

I am Chorus
Married 20-something living on the Prairies (Canada) with the husband of my dreams and two ridiculous cats. University administrator, PK, cross-stitcher, choral singer, baseball fanatic... Life is varied ...

Musings of a middle-aged wife and mother of 6, grandmother of 2 and attorney for about 120 young people who through no fault of their own are dealing with the legal system. I am a rabid liberal in politics ...

The reflections of a late-blooming bivocational psychologist and priest, unexpectedly relocated by the Spirit, finding endless enchantment in the life that had been waiting all along for me to find it. ...

postings from prairie hill
A Lutheran pastor serving a congregation in rural Texas reflects on theology, the ministry, liturgy, and the life of faith.

On the Other Hand, who knows what I'll do?
Liturgy, Theology, Art, Craft and Bitching. (Oh, and cooking! Lately, lots and lots of cooking!)

Spiritually Directed
Part time Spiritual Director, Full time Leprechaun

Here I Stand
A Lutheran husband, father, saint/sinner and soon to be pastor shacommunity stories of faith, life, love, discipleship and welcoming the strangers in our midst, while living as a child of God in a fallen ...

Holy Trouble
Some adventures with theology, gardening, craftiness and general trying-to-find-grace in the midst of life.

The musings of a queer ex-Lutheran who attends a Methodist seminary and works at a UCC church.

Somewhere South of Somewhere
Where God is good...all the time! Where grace abounds...to overflowing! Where I find myself on Holy Ground... because of the life-giving presence of my sisters and brothers in Christ!

Life's a Beach
Casual... and sometimes random... thoughts on life and being a Christian.

Where life meets the lectionary: a United Church of Christ pastor reflects on scripture, church life, parenting, partnecommunity and walking the dogs.

Salvaged Faith
tr.v. sal·vaged, sal·vag·ing, sal·vag·es 1) To save from loss or destruction. 2) To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use. I think in some ways I am trying to do both... I am part ...

Grace in the Chaos
The musings, rantings, blathecommunitys of an almost pastor on a life in transition in the midst of much craziness.

Welcome to AvantaLand
Sober since age 29 (sobriety date July 26, 1991 -- you do the math [grin]); Methodist; soprano; liberal; actress (regional theatre); ex-smoker; beginning gardener; introvert; This Old House fan and home ...

Musings about finsing God's grace in ordinary moments, at the beach, in community, in the ridiclulous.

Reflections on life in a busy single pastorate


Wind and Mercy
first draft thinking of a pastor, wife, and to-be mom on God, church, life. Love wind. Not so much winter. Always amazed by God's grace and mercy.

Confessions of a Student Clergy
The weekly, if not more frequent, ramblings of a young man with a passion to help people and serve God.

She Rev Writes
I'm a pastor, a wife, a mom, but above all a child of God. I write about any of the above, and, hopefully, the intersection of them all.

Grace Happens
"Grace is a touch of truth that lets you see the world in a new way. Grace is a gift that can only be felt when you are open enough to accept it." - Joan of Arcadia Just rambling through ministry, ...

So Many Thoughts - So Little Time
Making some noise about faith, gender, culture, and leadership...with an occasional bit of jazz thrown in!

Musings Musings Musings
A blog about spirituality, theology, motherhood, the recovery from postpartum depression, pop culture, and anything else I'm in the mood to muse about!

Seeking a Foothold on Holy Ground
God's call is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

Choral Reef: Music Under the Surface
Let's explore that which isn't immediately visible in music, faith and life...

Seeking Sophie
One woman's search for wisdom through the guidance of Sts. Sophie Barat and Philippine Duchesne

clergy freak
I am a United Methodist missionary currently located in Hamburg, Germany. My blog is a way to inform others of the mission, share my thoughts and to connect with others as I am far from home.

My life is like my socks, full of stripes and color, sometimes with holes - but never bocommunity.

...and they were afraid
Trying to make my voice heard over the noise of the crowd. Thoughts on life, God, religion, education, and anything else I want to mull over.

LMM Sermons: A seminarian's journey through preaching experiences.
A seminarian's journey through preaching and ministry experiences.

Sunny's Musings on Ministry
A female minister in the rural south shares with you: some thoughts on ministry, a collection of sermons, theological musings and of course, random thoughts.

Rev Nancy Fitz
A place to comment on the journey of faith and the texts we cherish.

A place to explore all things sacred and holy, afterall, it's all holy stuff!

Young Clergywoman and Mother Blogging about the whole of life (and her young clergyman husband sometimes contributes too!).

Martha's Kitchen
There are lots of folks who have traditional -- maybe even conventional -- ministries, but I am not one of them. From the very beginning, I seem to have done things outside the accepted norm. A friend ...

Christian encouragement through inspicommunity and motivational articles, blog posts and lessons from the life of an ordinary, struggling encourager.

Searching a Little More Everyday
I'm a professor of Church History looking for answers to questions posed by living with faith. I accept answers wherever I can find them. Since 1992 I have been a lay preacher, first in the Episcopal Church ...

The Pinkhammer
i am a passionate dreamer...a doer and one who lives...i am a reader and a thinker...an adventurer on the high seas of ideas...i am a musician...a singer of songs that fail to embody the full depth of ...

Getting Out Of The Boat
Thoughts, observations, reflections, ramblings, challenges, growth, experiences, sermon ideas, and life in general. I've been a priest in the Episcopal Church since early 2007.

Inner Voices
Random thoughts as I struggle with learning to be a new pastor and shepherd a congregation for the very first time.

Sandpiper's Thoughts
Sandpiper's Thoughts is where I record my daily musings about faith, life and and my life in faith. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend. I am a lay leader in the UMC, and a church volunteer. ...

Knit One, Purl One, Preach One
I knit, I pastor, I preach.

Rev Abi's Long and Winding Road
This is about being a Clergy Woman in the city of Florence,Alabama. The thoughts, musings, wisecracks, ramblings of it all.

The Clock is Ticking
Shh...do you hear that? It's a clock..my clock even. But it's not that clock. Yes, I'm female, 31, and single. I'm also a committed Christian trying to discern God more clearly in my life. But my biological ...

Into the Wild
Chronicling my adventures, thoughts, prayers, and the daily grind of teaching in the Alaskan Bush.

Musings of a particular Presbyterian with a particular view Hopefully not very short-sighted