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A place where insights, thoughts,questions, prayers and hopes are shared by fellow travelers on the winding faith journey--meandecommunity here and there as we go.

Time's Fool
Time's Fool ends up being about the inter-connectedness of all living things in God's creation - and the miracle of grace. It is a collection of the rambling thoughts of an everyday woman who sees holiness ...

The Ornery Postulant
The adventures of an aspicommunity Dominican Sister as I take the first steps in joining the convent. Technically I'll be known as a candidate, rather than a postulant (new terminology vs. old), but I ...

deep gladness

Fasting From TV: Feasting On Life
Reflections on life ducommunity our family's year of fasting from TV. Blog posts on theology, parenting, kids, spirituality and sustainable living.

soul and culture
pondecommunity my role in a bigger story - learning how creativity and spirituality go together as i journey along. what i'm reading, pondecommunity, or listening to on the iPod.

funky doo
blog to generate talking and thinking initially in the Bradwell Area of Diocese of Chelmsford - in issues of Christian stuff, youthwork, training, volunteecommunity, evangelism, but also personal stuff ...

This, That and the Other
The thoughts and musings of a single mom and writer as she makes her way through life. Written from a point of view of complete wonder with the world, with a generous sprinkling of Jewish, Buddhist and ...

Waiting For The Day
The ho-hum everyday life of someone trying to follow God in the way of Jesus and make a difference in the world.


Views from the Road
reflections of a "mild-mannered optometrist by day; quasi theologian by night"

My Thesis Journey:
The purpose of this blog is to provide a sort of accountability journal for the work I will do to complete my thesis project for my Doctorate of Worship Studies. My goal with this blog (and I invite you ...

Quantum Theology
The musings of a Roman Catholic mother, theologian and quantum chemist.

Going to Graceland
The thoughts of a preacher-- from day to day minutia, to thoughts on life and love

faith in community
It is my thoughts on ordinary life as a pastor and a person. small things make the different

Another Loose Canon
A place where Theology Happens... the blog of an Independent Catholic priest who just happens to be female.

Snow on Roses
I'm a cradle Episcopalian, a gardener, a photographer, and perhaps, just perhaps a future priest. I write about life, awe, God, and the struggles of being old in my church, young in years, and called ...

Miss Glass Is Half Full
I'm a wife, mother, and ordained clergy currently working for a non-profit agency dedicated to substance abuse prevention. My site features everyday happenings with my family, job, and friends.

The Swandive
The name comes from my dream of opening my own dive bar - The Swandive. Until I do - I'm serving the Lord, instead of beer.

Bridget Jones Goes to Seminary
After three years of seminary, with one year left, I'm beginning to wonder: "What's next?" Join me in the inquiry.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy
The joy of being a UCC pastor and shacommunity stories from church life and pastor life and midlife that make me smile and say "Yea, God!"

The Watecommunity Hole
A place for me to reflect on my daily experiences as a wife, mom, pastor, and all the other roles that come with life.

For a season
A discussion of topic concerning but not limited to issues concerning the Episcopal and ELCA churches

Tribal Church
Tribal Church is dedicated to church leaders who are seeking insights on how to reach out to young adults.

Servant's Quarters
This blog is about my thoughts - I'm a minister in a small New Jersey church, mom to four sons, wife to a great husband, and trying to be an agent of the kingdom of God.

Meaning and Authenticity
Blogging ministry, psychology, politics and other things that count in Katherine's world. Ministry, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction.

Purpletologcially Speaking
A second career pastor waiting for the elusive first call. Love cats and all things purple. Toss in some polar bears, penguins, music, and books. A contemplative at all levels: heart, mind, soul, and ...

Timeless Text Messages
I blog to bcommunity glory to God and edify the body of Christ. I am a teacher and evangelist in an Apostolic Church. My posts are a mixed bag of biblical studies, church stuff, links to other great blogs, ...

One Wild and Precious Life
Random reflections on life as a parish priest on the Cumberland Plateau, with lots of gardening and a little bit of art.

Processing Counselor
A search for spirituality and discussion of different religions approachs to spirituality and treatment their gay and lesbian members. Thoughtful discussion by a licensed mental health counselor about ...

Traveling at the Speed of Life
Reflections about life and spirituality drawing on poetry and multiple religious traditions.

Blue Window
I'm a civil rights lawyer in a very small blue state. I live in an old house with my spouse, four children, two dogs, a cat, a hamster, two geckos, eight geese, seven guinea hens, and a full fishpond. ...

Walking Wet
Thoughts of a Lutheran heading toward ordained ministry.

Wondecommunitys and Wandecommunitys
The wondecommunitys and wandecommunitys of a very busy pastor in the Midwest.

Skewed View
I\'m a preacher\'s kid living in a small West Texas town, full of the wicked, the weird and the woefully uninformed. I love it here.

A notebook for spiritual wandecommunity, creative musing, and hopeful dreaming by an artist, potter, and UCC pastor newly transplanted from the South to New England!

Lured to the Journey
A peek into my life as I attend seminary and seek ordination. All my archives are there but the new title reflects where i am theologically.

Yearning for God

Destiny Driven
My Assignment? To fulfill my God ordained destiny on this earth! My Intention? To fulfill my God ordained destiny on this earth using the gifts, abilities, passion, strengths AND weaknesses! Why? To please ...

this far by faith
theological, graphic design and other outtakes on my current life.

Track of Light
My site is mostly about scrapbooking. I am a pastor, a wife, a mother and an artist.

A collection of random thoughts on knitting, teaching,dieting, spirituality, just about anything that occurs to me

MitchRoss.com - Pastor's Husband Blog
Rantings of a Pastor's Husband and Geek Dad

Beneath the Ivy Wreath
middle-class mother married to an Assembly of God minister chronicles her journeys toward Home.

Thoughts and Amusings
Thoughts and Amusings from a kiwi 22 year old. From a Post Modern emergent point of view with a strongly Evanglical/Wesleyan bias too. Also features : a liberal dose of humour. Bible College Student, Youth ...

Faithstones: Reflections on the Journey
Reflections of a pastor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ... on the stuff of life and ministry.

Law and Gospel
A second career seminarian/lawyer and Lutheran contemplates the intersection of faith and the real world, and the tension between law and the Gospel , while maintaining a money pit house, raising teens, ...

Claimed, gathered and sent
A vehicle for journaling and journeying together. The journey is my path to ordained ministry. I begin seminary Fall 2008.

Monday Morning Letters
I'm restarting this blog to communicate with my new church, Southminster Pres. in Missouri City Texas. Thoughts about my life, my ministry, and how God is mysteriously working.

Blogging about my life as a parent and priest. Sometimes it's about things that might help others. Sometimes it's about things that have helped me. Always it's about growing closer to God.