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An Anglican Curate learning on the job...

Holy Grounds
Once upon a time a young pastor headed toward the northwoods wilderness to begin her ministry. Laden with coffee, a computer and a Bible she began her work. These are some stories...

The meandecommunitys of a middle-aged woman on the discernment path - hoping it will lead to seminary in August '06. A mother of teens and beyond, wife to a pastoral counselor, lobbyist for a bank, feeder ...

What is Your Only Comfort
Urban God-talk for the church-o-phobic.

LutheranChik's "L" Word Diary
Can a liturgically minded, lectionary-loving, link-collecting ELCA Lutheran laywoman find happiness and kindred spirits on the Internet? Ja, you betcha! "Here I blog; I can do no other; God help me." Soli ...

Rainbow Pastor
My musings on ministry, life, family, relationships, worship, pets, sermon preparation and other random thoughts!

Come to the Table...
A place where all are welcome to the Table, Christ's table of unconditional love, a table of renewal and solace...I share thoughts, opinions, incarnational moments, poetry, prose, some of my priest's sermons, ...

Clergy woman in Backwater reflects on ministry, parenting and estate sales. "Prier, Pensir, Agir" Pray, think, do.

parenting, pastocommunity, pondecommunity...

Ps 121 Is My Friend
Thoughts, questions, conversation, and just plain silliness from a seminarian

Preacher, Blogger or Procrastinator
New Mom, breadwinner, extroverted pcusa solo pastor looking for and shacommunity community... some posts worthwhile; some not so much

Flying Lessons
My random musings on life as a corporate minion by day and a Worship Arts Coordinator on weekends, looking toward a full-time pastoral calling.

conjectural navel gazers; jesus in lint form
I am a baptist preacher in Chicago, a musician, a husband, a subject to three cats, and likely to say something embarassing if I continue this description.

Church for Starving Artists
Where the passionate are fed. Where the spiritually starving are nourished.

Hoosier Musings in Big Sky Country
Thoughts, observations, and the occasional sermon from a wife, mother, and Episcopal deacon (the transitional sort, if you're paying attention to such things).

Talk With The Preacher
Musings from downtown D.C.'s Calvary Baptist Church

Life and Times of a Preacher Mom
Juggling the joys and demands of small church ministry and single parenting a teenager and virtual twin toddlers. Life is good, and even when it isn't - God is!

musings about God-talk, church and culture by a 41-year-old stay-at-home mom who used to actually make a living as a writer and editor

Barefoot and Laughing
I'm a student at Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA, discerning a call that's growing ever louder.

Grounded and Rooted in Love
Reflections on spirituality, scripture, art and life

Nachfolge: Following Christ in the Real World
30ish Lutheran pastor, small-town Minnesota, loves to write and read and think and sing and run. Blog covers same.

Longing for home

Come and read the rants and ravings and poetry of a lunatical seminary student (who is also mom of three onerous girls--from which the lunacy arises?). Don't look for any answers here...all I've got is ...

Bcommunity All The Walls Down
I just wanted to record a few thoughts as I'm experiencing some spiritualy "growing pains."

Hi I'm a female minister in Sydney Australia and I my blog is my pondecommunitys on things that make up my life ie, God, family, ministry. Would love to have you drop by

Good News in the Wilderness
Sermons and Reflections

Quotidian Grace
DCE at a Presbyterian Church (and former atty) looking for grace in everyday life

Rebel Without A Pew
Does climbing into a pulpit week after week give a girl a skewed view of reality? Absolutely. Come read all about it . . .

We represent a diverse group of people -- women ministers, with or without children, discerning women and other clergypersons -- and friends.

Blogging Through the Bible in 90 Days
A group of RevGals and non-RevGals encouraging each other to read the whole Bible between Epiphany and Easter

Nueva Cantora: A New Song
Occasional reflections on ordinary life. Yeah, right - like the ministry is ever ordinary!!

jo(e)'s page
the space between memory and dream, reality and fantasy

Pink Shoes in the Pulpit
Musings about a few of my favorite things -- namely cute shoes and the pulpit, with occasional references to being a new mom.

still following that yellow brick road

I Will Sing
Finding my voice

Musings of a Discerning Woman
Occasional musings of a 30-something Catholic woman discerning a call to "act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God." Thoughts on my vocation discernment, community, the church, the world and ...

Reverend Mommy
Reverend Mommy's Random Thoughts

Hazelnut Reflections
Meditations of an Episcopal priest, some sermons, some random thoughts, some knitting.

The Owl's Song
An Assemblies of God woman pastor ponders life, ministry, and purpose-- and sometimes just has some fun.

Another Unfinished Symphony
It's my blog and I'll vent if I want to... No, seriously, it's an attempt to keep current on my life. Doing the old family website takes too darn much coding!

Dylan's Grace Notes
Grace Notes is the personal blog of Sarah Dylan Breuer, author of Dylan's lectionary blog, where Dylan offers observations, photos, Friday catblogging, and other things as the Spirit moves.

Widening Circles
One foot in the boat ... and one foot still on shore: In which a reluctant pilgrim sets off on an unplanned spiritual journey, shacommunity some thoughts along the way about life, holiness, and the wonder ...

see-through faith
Journalling my journey with God. God has a plan for each of our lives. He has set me on a path that at the moment leads me towards being a UMC pastor in Finland.

Terrapin Station
Random Thoughts on random thoughts

Dylan's lectionary blog
Grace Notes is the personal blog of Sarah Dylan Breuer, author of Dylan's lectionary blog, where Dylan offers observations, photos, Friday catblogging, and other things as the Spirit moves.

Sister Mary Alternative
an episcopalian woman's journey to the convent

searching for the sacred and finding wonder

An Unseen Hope
But as we progress on this way of life and in faith ..." The journey of a (relatively) newly professed Benedictine

. : Jubilate Deo : .
Reflections on faith, hope, and love in the midst of life as an Episcopal seminarian, a young woman, and a work-in-progess.

Following Frodo
The somewhat random musings of a Tolkien fanatic trying to find his way through life and ministry in small town Ontario.