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An open table for women clergy, women church professionals and women in religious life, and their blogging friends, to support one another in pursuing and discerning our vocations. You must be an active blogger for the previous three months in order to join and to maintain membership.

Just your average early middle aged, chubby, pseudo-intellectual, former Texan, gay, protestant pastor in Chicago.

go and do likewise
An only so-so Samaritan's look at the church, the world, and the power of chocoate.

Loud, Brash and Dramatic
Used to be Telling Truth. A teacher, almost-postulant in the Episcopal church, all around searcher.

Chelley's Teapot
Tea break thoughts of a Rev!

A Year Acceptable

Sister Bloggers
Catholic Sisters, women in formation, those discerning a religious vocation and others who want to join the conversation. We are women. Hear us blog.

a raid on the inarticulate
A South London mother trying to make sense of ordination training, early retirement and management consultancy whilst juggling cats, teenagers and husband.

Sorting The Pieces
Sorting the pieces is a personal blog of my observations of life. It contains everything from just thoughts and prayers, observations of life, original poetry, being a writer, raising a teenager and whatever ...

under the palm tree
Reflections on my journey as priest, mother of five, wife, and grandmother.

Grace Notes
a blog by a young clergywoman about life, ministry and the grace that is all around us.

Not in Kansas Anymore

observations and reflections on books, movies, people and life...plus an occasional epiphany by a seasoned American Baptist clergywoman

Confessions of a Backyard Hermit
As a published author and former pastor, my Confessions of A Backyard Hermit blog is about my journey post- formalized ministry. Blending my love of finding the right quotation for any circumstance, writing ...

The Big Dunk
Watch the antics as this former Unitarian Universalist explores Christian churches for the first time in her life! Full time mom, part time childbirth teacher, Tarot reader, Jesus freak.

The Beth Blog Ever
The ramblings and procrastinations of a female MDiv student in Vancouver, BC.

Cathy Knits and More
Ramblings and musings from a middle aged woman who is a knitter, Episcopalian, member of the Daughters of the King, and enjoys reading, singing and life.

Blanket in the Grove
Reflecting on life as a PhD student in Liturgical Studies, part-time pastor, mom, and marriage partner concerned about spirituality and social justice.

Chartreuse Ova
I was called to motherhood a bit later in life than most moms and I love it! Recently, I've begun to hear the echo of an earlier call. Only it is not growing more distant, but louder each day.

Walk Humbly
The fractured thoughts of a girl pressed for time but hard pressed to think of better blessings than her everyday life.

Life in the Way
Conversations of New Jersey United Methodist pastor.

Love Ducommunity Wartime
Original poetry, a lay person's reflections on religion, and political rants. Original art & photography also featured. Updated 2-3 times a week.

You don't have to listen, I just like to talk
Idle ramblings of a middle aged ELCA pastor with a specialized call.

Lutheran Flavor
just a blog, with a Lutheran flavor..

PamBG's Blog
Musings of a British Methodist Student Minister.

don't eat alone
thoughts on food, faith, family, and friends I'm trained as both an English teacher and a minister and am working out my calling as a chef and a writer. I'm the grateful spouse of a UCC minister and ...