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Click Member link to see site in tvEmma, the 3.5 Globetrotting Yorkie
Links, recommendations and musings of a 3.5 pound adorable yorkie. Many great photos.

Henry's Page
This is a websight for yorkie lovers. It is about me Henry the yorkshire terrier.

Yorkanian's Reg. Yorkshire Terrier's
My yorkies since 1987.{;}Quality pets, show prospects and my champions.{;}

Chianti the Wonder Puppy
Chianti the Yorkshire Terrier and his two pet cats, Merlot and Chablis

Bonsai Yorkshire Terrier
25 years of Champions and genealogies from Italy

Casablanca Yorkies
If you are interested in learning about Yorkshire Terriers, we have tried to provide you with many sources of information.

The Yorkshire Terriers in France.{;}All about the yorkies, standard, Club, links, etc...

This site is about Feebee, she is a 4 year old female yorkie. In the site you will see all of her friends and family, lots of info about her.

Laumor Yorkshire Terriers
Come on in, there are many interest here! Photo's of family and Yorkies, as well as the Home of the Yorkshire Terrier Community, graphic links, parenting links, and much more! Designer Dog Clothes for ...

Primrose Yorkshire Terriers
Home of Primrose Yorkshire Terriers. Drop by for awhile and check out these wonderful dogs.



Sherlyn Yorkshire Terriers
A site for Yorkie Lovers

Psychodogs Homepage
Psychodog's Homepage is about the misadventures of Emmitt, a yorkie, and Jake, a Maltese.

Vicki Designs
Hand Knit Dog Sweaters, Collars & More!

Ann-Christin's Yorkshire Terrier's
Info about Yorkshire Terriers.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Stop in at Eden Valley and browse through the wonderful pages full of beautiful Yorkies!

Tyler Yorkshire Terriers
Come see Jo-Nel's Too Hot To Handle "Melanie", and other wonderful dogs, photo's, links, and more!

Hi, my name is Emma, and I'm an adorable Yorkie puppy. Come to my website to learn about me and see some pictures of me!

MaiTai Yorkies
Breeder/exhibitor with photos and links to other sites.

Gabbie's Homepage
Just a little site for my Baby Gabbie.

How I Found My Forever Family...by Prince Edwards
home page about Prince, a rescued Yorkie and how he found a loving home. Links to other rescued Yorkies homepages, rescue organizations, and other fun things

Welcome To Tabor Kennels
Yorkshire Terriers Lovingly raised and bred for lucky parents across America

Serikon Silky & Yorkshire Terrors
Serikon & Starphire Silky & Yorkshire{;}Terrors.{;}We are one of the few owners of both{;}Silky & Yorkshire terrors. There are a number of pictures of both breeds and alot of links.

Firesteel Yorkies
Fun Yorkie stuff, pics of my yorkies, pics of my yorkie studs and past yorkies

Leahas Lounge
This is a yorkie site for gossip and gab and a good time.

Jentre Yorkshire Terrier
Stop by and look at our championship line of Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkiephiles.com is your jump station to the Yorkie world! Get free email, chat, message boards, yorkie articles and best of all; a GREAT search engine for other yorkie sites and information out there. ...

Cloverdale Yorkies
Yorkshire Terriers of Distinction. Welcome to our little corner of the WEB. We strive for quality and it is our commitment! We simply love what we do here at Cloverdale Yorkies!

Tanteen Yorkshire Terriers
Tanteen is a small select show kennel

Penmore Castle Yorkie
Come visit the castle, home of Isabel the yorkie. Photos, tips and links.

Camelot Yorkshire Terriers

Little Shop of Terrors
A fun shopping site for yorkie lovers! Visit us for useful pet supplies and gifts for toy breeds and their ownersr.

Yorkie Passion
We breed only purebred AKC registry puppies and our breeding program is well within the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Toy Breed Standard. We strive to maintain the true beauty, charm and grace as well the best ...

Roobear Yorkies
We are a small kennel north of Dallas,TX. We strive to breed for Quality.

Show Breeder of AKC Yorkshire Terriers
Show breeder of Yorkshire Terriers

Tx2Stepn Yorkies
Yorkie information, pictures, and pedigrees. Some family rock-climbing.

Starwood Yorkies
Breeder and exhibitor of Yorkies. Photos of the champion, puppies. Tennessee.

Exmoor Yorkshire Terriers
Breeder and exhibitor of Yorkies. Pictures and other information.

Blue Sky Yorkies
We are a small breeder of Yorkshire Terriers located in South Texas. Stud service available to selected females. Puppies available occasionally. No sales to puppy mills or pet stores!

Starstruck Yorkies
The Yorkies of Starstruck Yorkies - Yorkie breed information, pictures and and Yorkie puppies by breeder and owner Barbara Babcock, Ladson South Carolina, SC

Julvir Yorkshire Terriers
Julvir Yorkshire Terriers to continue complementing the good qualities of a Yorkshire terrier with exemplary show attitude in accordance with their breed standard.

Blumoon Yorkies
Breeder of Blumoon Yorkies, Yorkie articles, Yorkie books and health links, View my AKC Champion Yorkies and Puppy yorkies. Kansas City, Missouri

Hekan Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers and Our family

Goldenray Yorkshire Terriers
Breeder/exhibitor of Yorkies. Photos of dogs, information on grooming, care, faq and taping ears.

The Yorkie.Com kids stand ready to give you information to help you learn about this fabulous breed. You can see lots of Yorkie Pictures and Breed information. Also a List of Yorkie Breeders listed ...

Camelot Yorkies Community
Come join and surf our Community. Meet new friends, See other Yorkie sites and chat with us on Monday nights.

Kel-lees Yorkshire Terriers and Chinese Cresteds
Yorkshire Terriers and Chinese Cresteds. Come see my beautiful dog pillows.

Teddie's Page
A fun page for Yorkie lovers!! You can send TeddiE-Greetings, read DoggiE-Quotes, and you might even find a Yorkie of your own!

Huckleberry Ridge Yorkies
We raise and ocassionally breed AKC Yorkshire Terriers! Yorkie puppies and adults are like people and must be treated with special care, we keep ours in our home as part of our family. We find only the ...