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This blog will follow my road to losing weight, my yoga journey, my road to becoming a more "green" citizen of earth, and whatever I'm crocheting, the thread or yarn that holds everything together

Widdershins Crochet
A site about crochet, New York City life, food and working the night shift.

Shade Tree Crochet
Lots of crochet with other crafty & creative things looped right in.

Elegant crocheted scarves and accessories

Crochet Chaos
Crocheting either keeps me sane... or maybe it helps to propagate my insanity?

The Crochet Side
The Crochet Side is a great source for free crochet patterns, a crochet podcast, and news! Owner and designer, Brianna Mewborn, keeps you updated with the Crochet Side blog, as well as hosting the Crochet ...

Creating textile chaos

Theviolethooker\'s Weblog
I am starting a crochet blog again about my crochet projects.

Shepherd's Crook Crochet
My focus on my blog is on my crochet work. It is a place for me to log and track my projects, a place to articulate what I learn from my explorations, a place to offer a pattern or two here and there of ...

The Pirate Hooker
Ye have found the blog of a pirate hooker. Here there be tales of yarns and the loot that is made of said yarn.

Fibers By Tracie
A blog where I recount my daily struggle with trying to make a living with my art form. I design and teach crochet and post not only free patterns, but samples of my work and general rants about croc ...

Crackers in Bed
Confessions of a male hooker

Kaet's reading and crochet
This is where I list and briefly review the books I am reading in 2008. There's also plenty of my crochet and a few other media reviews.

mihrimah penguin

Share's Crafty Corner
My little corner of the world to talk about all things crafty. My current obsession....crochet and knitting.

Sandyfroglegs Designs
Sandyfroglegs Designs are created with those in mind who Crochet for Charity. Sandy is member of the Crochet Guild of America, and is a descendant verified through the Oklahoma Historical Society, of The ...

That Guy Crochets!
The pusuit of life,love,and anything that will work on my hook!

CrochetLove's Blog
My blog to talk about what else...CROCHET!

MyCrafty Blog
A collection of my craft projects. Mostly what I am crocheting with some digital scrapbooking mixed in and my 365 photo projects

Elbit Blog
My art blog where I post info about what I'm working on. I do all sorts of artforms (painting, jewelry, sculpting, etc), but I tend to focus on crochet.

Luv2hookyarn Blog
Crochet Projects

The Crochet Dude™
Promoting crochet one giant stitch at time.

Yarning with a Hook
Blog about my crochet creations - mostly garments, some bags, some contract crochet.

A bit of crochet, a bit of sewing and whatever else happens along the way.

Hi, I'm Melissa, and this is my blog! It's about crocheting, knitting, and my other adventures - I'm currently blogging from Japan.

If you have no voice: Scream
A blog full of artistic expression. Includes: crochet, poetry, digital graphics, short fiction.

Fiona Kelly's Creative Textiles
My uncommon crochet ramblings, felted amigurumi patterns & other craft passions.

Mommy's Marketplace
My knitting and crocheting blog where I share my personal projects and new crochet designs.

Garnfiti is my own attempt to make yarn into an art form. The word comes from Garn, the Swedish word for yarn, and Graffiti- an urban art movement that can range from the beautiful to the obscene. I'm ...

CopperScaleDragons' Crocheting Away
Lots of stuff, mostly crochet. free patterns, links, tutorials.

Just a girl learning to knit (and NOW CROCHET!)

Unravel The Yarn
The mildly entertaining adventures of my attempts to crochet. Involves either wonderfully(ish) looking finished projects, or crumpled yarn and sweacommunity, and the stories it takes to get them.

Hooker Learns to Knit
Follow along as a life long crocheter learns to knit and all the other things that come along in my world, hold on it may be a bumpy ride...

Frayed Ends
Containing ravings of lost genius, flights of fiber fancy, and miscellaneous mental missives.

Pepperberry Crochet
Website for crochet designer Alison Grenier, where I ramble on about crochet, my day job, cooking, and just about everything else.

Pixie Worx! Crochet Talk and Pixie Thoughts
Website and gallery home of crochet freeformist Julia Chambers and www.PixieWorx.net. Click on link for the BLOG. Blogging topics range from crochet technique, to shows I work, to sometimes just ...

Tapestry Crochet . . .the rest of the story
All tapestry crochet all the time!

Glass By Adelina

Musings of a Textile Fanatic
A collection of musings regarding my adventures with yarn, stcommunity, and cloth.

Frogged Knits
Place where I have posted my three crochet patterns and where I place me random ramblings. I have both knit and crochet items in my posts.

My Crochet Blog
This is just a blog I use to post about my latest projects, completed projects and new patterns that I get!

The Frizzy Hooker
A blog about the random and ridiculous things that happen while I learn to live with my kinky hair and my afghan hooks.

The Colorful Bee's Hive
This is a blog to accompany my Etsy store. I have monthly crochet book reviews, contests and will soon be offecommunity free patterns as well.

Sue Rock Originals
Sue and Jerome Rock are the designers behind Sue Rock Originals. Based in New York, Sue Rock Originals is the premier design studio for fashion forward hand crochet and hand knits. No stranger to fair ...

My ButtonJar
I am an at home mother of 3 who uses crochet and knit to stay sane!

The Crochet Studio
The Crochet Studio is a blog and more that celebrates crochet in an array of ways.

Iggle Piggle Crafts
Blog about my craft ptojects, mainly yarn related and daily life.

The Fiber Forum
Covecommunity all aspects of the fiber arts.

Hearty Works

A Good Yarn...
A dedicated knit and crochet blog. Follow along with avanta7 as she works her way through the stash that has no end. See works in progress, finished items, magazine reviews, stash acquisition and other ...