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Callahans is based on author Spider Robinson's fictional Suffolk County, New York, bar. This community is for the online Patrons of the Place.{;}

The Semi-Official All-Callahanian Web Page
This web site serves the alt.callahans, #callahans, and Delphi Callahans communities, as well as any others who might like to be represented, and includes information on the annual Callahanicon as wel ...

M'jit Raindancer-Stahl's Monument to Her Vanity
M'jit Raindancer-Stahl's personal website. Homage is paid to various female comic book characters; links to official webpages for favorite musicians; and a page about the family pets.

Warzone Five
Gazer's free game.

The Eclectic Eel
This is the NurseWench's perpetually-evolving website. Everything from family to Sims, science fiction to fibromyalgia, and Deity knows what else...

The Pets of Callahans
This page features the dogs, cats, and other pets who own regular patrons of alt.callahans and IRC #callahans.

Callahanian Army of Light
An on-going Adventure spanning Time, Space, and The Multiverse. It is a long term project in shared universe creation, and a great story!

Callahanicon 2003
Check out for all the up to date news on Callahanicon 2003!

The Ginger Cat and Her Friends
Personal websites of Rachel the Ginger Cat, Jacob/Lensman/Teddywolf, and Ny Martin. Also the OK Chorale and the Too Much Food Recipes Page.

Butterfly's Home Page
What I do in my spare time.