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Click Member link to see site in tvYou Can Sleep When You're Dead!!!
I'm a rather irreverent Southern California writer-mom who spends waaay too much time driving my girls around. One of them is adopted and has severe ADHD...never a dull moment! Above all, I'm fun!!!{; ...

Mud Creek Rim

A Boy and His Blog
Fun. Good. Not Everyday.

Byrd's Brain
A weblog on politics, privacy, ecology, fatherhood, technology, zen, commmunity and the occasional rant.{;}

The Column Venator
"I'm an artist. I can do whatever I want and pretend I'm making a statement."

You are my Conscious
Hi! I'm a new blogger and one year CA resident. My blog is about books, film, privacy, free speech, intellectual property law and the internet, astrology, and everything else personal and blogs inevitably ...

this little life of mine
I'm livin' the SLO life!

Mirror Reflections
{;}I'm bored. Once in a while I feel like ranting. Ranting is fun. Warning: rants may be unintelligable as I am easily distracted. Look, a bird! (chases)

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random and sometimes humorous ramblings of a man trapped in a world he didn't create.{;}

American PhotoBlog
Features my pictures I've taken from many years of traveling through America. Accompanying commentary on landscape, National Parks, politics, baseball, American culture, and spots in California{;}

A personal site where I show pieces of my life in sunny SoCal.

Collarbone High
I'd love to rule the world, but I just can't find the time.{;}

It's Touble...FCSuper's Blog
Cause as much trouble as possible without getting busted! Includes: Tales about friends, rants about anything, thangs about me and other stuff.

Thinkin deep
Argue about anything here

When Boredom Sets In
A site collective, blog, and anything else of a 20 something gal living in San Diego, California. Where everything i create, love, and ramble on about is put into one small siteish type place.

Julie's *Star*
{;}This is my communitys page. My real page and blog can be found at http://juliecookies.funurl.com

My daily bowel movement, my daily epiphany. Written in Berkeley and Oakland.

Life in California
Just random rants and validations about life (mine) and observations from a struggling poet

Electric Bugaloo dot com
Want some brain candy, little girl?

Panacea is my weblog, a journal updated frequently about my life as a new mom, dealing with being bipolar, on Lithium, and going to school full-time. {;}{;}Panacea is one of many areas on Niftyfingers.com ...

Memory and Desire
memories, desires, passions, ramblings

Sky Watching My World
{;}Journal of Teen's Perspective

Drink this...
The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk

Pragmatic Libertarian
Libertarianism from a practical, consequentialist perspective.

The False Reality
My false reality, of everything that seems so real, but in reality is nothing but a fallacy. What exists and what can be controlled? What do we think exists, and what do we think can be controlled? I do ...

br1xt0n: my life ... or something like it
The positively, absurdly true tales of my life in San Freak Show.

Random 80s Reject
.. Random 80's reject that love's music, films, coffee and Danny Elfman.

Paradigm Shifts
A journal of changes and sameness.

the community site for sacaramento area bloggers

Lucid Dreaming
Just a journal of a girl in CA, San Jose.

My Little Corner of the Web
Random babblings from a valley on a mesa.

A San Diego girl offers her take on divorce, parenting, young motherhood, relationships, spirituality and life thru daily blogging.

Headlines and biting commentary from an unapologetic lefty and proud California native.

C4 D.N.A.
Random thoughts from a Texan in SoCal exile.

Californian Sojourn
Talkin about pretty much anything that tickles my fancy.

Everyday Lunasea (La la la la lemon)
The random ramblings of a mother on too much caffeine

Inland Empress
Life in the land beyond La-La.

Hell's Basement
Ramblings of a bored and emotionally impaired out-of-the-ordinary queer. Not for the faint of humor. Come sit around the fire community and wallow in the tepid waters of mediocrity, poor spelling and grammar ...

The Gooch On...
Random tales and musings from a 30-year old business owner, Jew married to a shiksa, stepfather, father-to-be, professional wrestling fan and native Californian.

DenisDeKat's Symposium
Rants and Raves from the angry leftwards Cat lover in San Francisco...

Digital Man\'s Outtakes
Just about everything.

Dissent Channel
Dedicated dissent and media criticism with snarky asides and good old fashioned earnestness thrown in. We care, y'all.

A personal domain and weblog of a 20-something female from California.

Notes from the inside (and outside) of MudHole, California.

Trials and Turbulations
My blog will keep you up to date on the latest news all around more specifically covecommunity murder trials, culture, aviation, the blogging community, national and international news, web discoveries, ...

Welcome to Valley's Future!
The blog with common sense commentary about politics, policy, and life in the San Joaquin Valley, Foothill communities and Yosemite area.

laugh Loud and Often
"I would never tell you anything that was not in your best interest." ~Babylon 5

The Ice Palace
A 30 something single gal looking for prince charming, and trying not to go insane while running a moving company of complete idiots!

faboo mama
The mad ramblings of an opinionated pregnant chick.

From the Bayou to Berkeley
A Southerner with a mix of some intelligence and mild but endeacommunity neuroticism moves to Berkeley. This isn't the Beverly Hillbillies!