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Bloggers who live in the fabulous state of California.

What's Bruin
Personal homepage of Gerry & Maria DeOcampo

Bread and Roses
The world views, pompous pontifications, creative ephemera, and feverish rantings of a cynical optimist, writer guy, and semi-jaded resident of sunny San Diego.

Ang's Weird Ideas
A mix of current events and parents who shouldn't be with a dash of craziness and for some fun a little sexual frustration thrown in.

A Kings Fan's Sacramento Kings Hall of Fame
I am a long-time Sacramento Kings fan. I thought it would be cool to create a Sacramento Kings Hall of Fame from a fan's point of view. The Hall is open to any active or retired King no longer with the ...

The Sordid Details
Hold my beer for a sec. I'm gonna try something.

Weblog of a geek girl transplanted from SW PA to Silicon Valley

Sylvia Day | Sensual Romance Author :: Blog
Romance author Sylvia Day shares the trials and triumphs of wwriting in today's publishing industry.

Pearls of Wisdom
I have fine tuned this blog I am rather new at it. This blog is my observations of life and the things that effect me. It includes mindless rants and political views. Enjoy ...

Marlo's Musings
Thoughts and various topics of interest here...

Mama Luvs You
As the kids get older, the highs get higher and the lows get lower! But in the end, lets hope we just remember the good times.....

annoyed grunt.
A professional student mucking through the swamp of life.

Tallfellow Press Blog
News, updates, publicity tips, contests, and other fun stuff from Tallfellow Press, a pioneer in indie publishing.

The O'Sneazy Factor
parody, comedy, gay & lesbian, digital cameras

Wizard Needs Food Badly
Showcasing the various ways one human can waste away a life...

The Raven's Retreat
My personal place to ramble, rave, and bare my soul. Memes, family life, current news, Pagan spirituality ... anything that piques my interest.

Musings on motherhood. Moments to share and cherish forever.

Neptunus Lex
Tales of the sea service, San Diego, culture and politics

Living in Grace
Things I think and feel. News commentary and other errata.

Just Another Day...
my little slice of cyberspace to do what I please with. including ending a sentence with a preposition.

Bear Left On Unnamed Road
News and commentary on science, technology, Macintosh, politics, media, identity theft, and events in my life. Like Ragu spaghetti sauce, "It's in there!"

A Common Misconception
Small towns, bad jokes, failure, and the beginnings of a guerilla mafia.{;}

Random Scribbles: Mayumi's Daily Life
the personal space of a girl from the suburbs of LA who muses about stuff.{;}

Big boobs, green eyes, bitch on wheels...she rants about it all! Love, life, no life, divorce, kids, men, sex, lack of sex, people who live too fucking far away....friends....

{;}Setting you up to let you fall....life and musings of the 25 year old girl kickin it in law school

Odds and Ends
A personal joural of my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes funny sometimes not. Always real.{;}