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the community for calgary bloggers

this city is still breathing (but barely it's true)
this is a facinating depiction of my life.. then again maybe not, maybe just a bunch of sporadic posts about nothing in particular

The M Files
Agent M bcommunitys you Observations from the Field-- human nature, pop culture, whimsy, as well as Facts about and Rants on all these conditions.

one tablet daily
i said-" shel what do i put in description?"{;}shel said- "about your site. just put something smarmy, witty and/or funny"{;}i said - "smarmy?"{;}he didn't answer in alotted time...{;}

Voices of a Distant Star
The daily rants about video games, politics, and my pets by a geek living in Calgary.

midtoad\'s messages
excellence in creative mediocrity

the REAL unicorn
Essays and rants, reflections and introspections. Updates on my knitting and other hobbies and life in general. Topics of posts range from what 'wool I like to best' to 'why the heck are people like ...

Knitting, reading, book reports. Yeah. That's me.

Hangar Cat Blues
A pop culture filter, A video anarchist, a sarcastic and jaded prick with a heart of gold. A Slacker Savant with personal drive to succeed. A superhero, action star, and master comedian in my own mind. ...