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Cakes by Jacqui
I created this site to share my favorite hobby. I love cake decorating .

Rita's Cakes
A site containing many pictures of all sorts of Cakes. Christmas, Birthday, Communion, Christening, Sporty, naughty, etc.

Gina's Quiet Spot!
I have a family friendly site with lots of things to do & see. My cake pages include cake decorating, birthday cakes, shower cakes, barbie, barney, pooh, tigger, diaper cake, baby boy, graduation, racecar, ...

My Sweet Creations
A photo gallery of classic cakes, children's cakes, special occasion cakes and illustrated recipes - from Italy

Cakes by Eli
A collection of some of the cakes I have done and tells a little about myself and how I got interested in cake decorating.

Especially Edible
I am a cake decorating enthusiast providing sweet treats for the Atlanta area.

Renaissance Culinaire
Blogging my way to Pastry Chefdom. My commentary. All through my eyes, or camera lens.Highlights include - Recipes, Baking theory and food photography.

Simply Cakes Premium Cakes
Beautiful and delicious cakes for weddings, and large parties. Specalize in unique, sculpted and topsy turvey cakes.

Cakes By Jessie
Pastries with personality, Dayton Ohio. I love to be challenged with designs for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I sell for a great price, and have never had a bad turn out! If you want to be able to make ...

Cakes by Kelsie
Kelsie is a 17-year-old amateur cake decorator who chronicles her sweet adventures in her blog, "Cakes by Kelsie." Awarded by Blogger and recognized around the world, Cakes by Kelsie is an sweet blog ...

A website for baking enthusiasts and cake decorators wanting to share recipes and decorating ideas. It is a place to share your own creations and derive inspiration from others.

Debbies Cake Decor
I specialise in Fully Personalised Wedding Toppers ... were the bride and groom on your cake actually look like the bride and groom of the day. I also make many other cake decorations from sugar icing ...

Cakes By Orly B
A new blog about the cakes that I have made, and those I am about to, because summer begins birthday season in my family :-)

There are many cake decorating ideas on this site and more. We hope you enjoy them Yum :-)

Cake Decorators

There are a few major occasions in all of our lives that demand a cake. With things like weddings and birthdays, it is so appropriate to have an incredibly extravagant cake. After all, cakes represent so much sweetness and come in different styles. From chocolate cake to strawberry cake to cheese cake to fruit cake, there really isn’t any occasion that wouldn’t be lightened up with the presence of a cake. Of course, besides its fine taste and its aphrodisiac qualities, a cake is not just something to be eaten – it is something to be looked at.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in cake shops with the single minded determination to get a cake that tastes great and we’ve all been distracted. That’s because it’s hard to not be impressed by the elaborate designs and sheer aesthetic quality in some of the cakes that are available for sale. There really is an incredible art form in cake decoration and this website will examine the fascinating world of cake decorators.

What exactly is a cake decorator?

In a professional setting, a cake decorator is a person that typically follows the decorating instructions of the person that had designed the decoration. A valuable link in the chain that comes with producing a highly professionally good looking cake, the cake decorator uses their expertise in filings and frostings that balance aesthetics with taste. Due to the nature of their work, cake decorators are renowned for the high standards that they have towards cake baking. To create a perfectly decorated cake, a professional cake decorator has to demand a cake that is evenly baked and perfectly browned in order for them to decorate the cake properly. Considering that patience and wonderful abilities with your hands are qualities needed in an excellent professional cake decorator, businesses are constantly on the search for excellent cake decorators.

Depending on the nature of the business, a professional cake decorator is responsible for a number of things. These include such technical issues of following decorating instructions, properly packaging the completed decorated cake in a safe box, properly labeling the cake, and maintaining the cake in proper refrigerator settings. While many people think that cake decorating isn’t a stressful job, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cake decorators are compelled to follow the strict guidelines set up by their employers regarding food safety and product safety. In addition to these duties, a professional cake decorator has to be adept at customer service to increase their potential sales, diverse to create a number of customer special orders, and in some cases, are responsible for directly delivering decorated cakes to customers.

Being a Cake Decorator For Fun

Of course, the vast majority of individuals that are interested in cake decorating are doing it as a hobby. Rather than try to create a business from their creations, these amateur cake decorators find the disparate duties of baking a delicious cake and then decorating it in a visually pleasing way, is the perfect hobby. To some people, cake decorating may seem like a silly thing to do. However, we will examine the reasons why cake decorating is actually exceedingly cool.

Just like how artists like Picasso and Pollack used a canvas to convey their art and musicians like John Lennon and Tupac Shakur rocked the microphone to express their art, cake decorators have their own unique medium – a cake. While this may sound like a silly statement to some, all that you have to do is think about it. How many artsy designed cakes have you come across? The answer is probably many. Indeed, one of the best parts about cake decorators are not only is their art impressive, it’s also delicious. You can’t exactly eat The White Album or Picasso’s Blue Period now, can you?

In many ways, cake decorating is one of the most underrated skills. Baking a cake can be a difficult process. After all, you have to balance mixing the right ingredients together and timing your baking just right to create a delicious cake. Of course, for many cake decorators, there is also the added challenge of having to put an extra zip for flavoring to make the cake stand out. If creating a uniquely tasting but delicious cake isn’t hard enough, there’s the extra challenge of putting a beautiful decoration on top of it. Rather than using oil paints or screen printing dye, the cake decorator’s tools are frostings and edible treats. The goal of the cake decorator is to add their uniquely styled print on to the cake while complementing the flavors with the cake. Time is a much bigger issue when it comes to cake decorating and it can be hard work.

However, all cake decorators will tell you that the time and difficulty of the work is well worth it when somebody congratulates them on their decoration. It also doesn’t hurt that the cake decorator is also able to eat their concoction and be treated to the flavor of a great cake. Some times in the world, people are able to make their cake and eat it too.

Cake Shows

While artists have different venues where they are able to show off their work (ie. art gallery, concert hall, the park), most cake decorators find that their work is confined to the home or for special events like birthday parties. Although this is in many ways an ideal venue to show off your work because you are surrounded by loved ones, many cake decorators find that they are curious to see what others will think of their concoctions. If you are a cake decorator that thinks you have graduated to a bigger stage, there is one great opportunity to meet fellow cake decorators and get an objective opinion on your creation – cake shows.

Cake shows are a wonderful way for cake decorators to increase their skills and test their conception of cake decorating. Considering that you are surrounded by contemporaries, many cake decorators have credited cake shows for giving them the courage to try out new recipes. Additionally, the incentive of being able to share cake decorating ideas with so many like minded individuals make cake shows an unqualified success for everybody that participates. One of the most fascinating aspects of cake shows are cake decorators are able to fully indulge in sharing secrets of how to properly use sugar to get that extra flavor. As any cake decorator will tell you, their loved ones get to enjoy the fruits of their labor when they try out new ideas for a cake that they’ve learnt from a cake show.

Although there are a number of national cake shows, most cake decorators find that local cake shows are the best places to go. Generally sponsored by either a local cake shop or a cake club, local cake shows are fantastic for brining together cake decorators from that area together. While there is usually a cake decorating contest that takes place, many cake decorators are just happy for the camaraderie. The way that a cake show contest works is by dividing all of the submitted cakes into specific categories. Once the best cakes have been determined out of these categories, they are then grouped in terms of division. Much like the above process, the best cakes are chosen by division where they are finally ready to compete against each other. Judges are used to select the best of show cake, with the cake decorator usually going away with a prize. Judges of cake shows tend to be impressed by small cakes that consist of exquisite detail and precise workmanship.

However, the biggest appeal of a cake show shouldn’t be winning the cake show contest. Although there have been instances of cake decorators returning home discouraged from a cake show, cake shows are great opportunities to properly gauge your skill level. While it is natural to feel discouraged when a judge doesn’t choose your cake to go on in the cake show contest, you have a fantastic chance to ask a qualified judge what aspects of cake decoration you should work. That combined with the number of tips you learn from other cake decorators and the connections that you make are just some of the reasons why cake shows are a great way to increase your skill level as a cake decorator.

Specialty Cakes

Although cake decoration is a fantastic skill that your loved ones will always support, there are really only a few opportunities where a beautifully decorated and delicious cake is going to be appreciated. While your friends will definitely enjoy it if you decide to make Wednesdays the day for you to reveal your latest artistic cake delicacy, the most common events where a great cake will get its proper due is for weddings or a birthday.

There is so much elaborate ceremony involved in weddings that a spectacular wedding cake is a necessity. For a cake decorator, creating a wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to show off their skill. Of course, when you are decorating a wedding cake, you have to make sure that you are following the wishes of the happy couple. Discuss the details of a cake with the couple prior to the wedding and make sure that you come to a consensus with them. The last thing that a person wants to worry about at their wedding is a wedding cake that they didn’t approve off.

While wedding cakes are truly momentous, it can be a stressful cake for a cake decorator to make. Much more low-key is making a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are a great opportunity for a cake decorator to try different styles while still having their cake fully appreciated for the tasty art delicacy that it is!