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a community for anyone who appreciates a darn fine bishounen when they see one ^_~

Shabby's collective and blog domain.

My collective of anime shrines, fanart, original comic, fanfiction, original stories, essays, etc.

The Weirdest Ones...
My daily life...did I mention I love anime?

Take your pick.

Tantei Only Beyond This Point
A Yu Yu Hakuso shrine. Quizzes, MP3s, fanart, fanfics, humor, message board, and a ton of other nifty little gadgets that followed me home.

Bishonen Guide
For everything bishonen. Professional guide with articles, myths and facts, reviews and a list of bishonen-inclusive anime, manga, video games, movies, art, j-rockers and literature.

All the elite bishonen and more! GUNDAMWING, SAIYUKI, WEISS KREUZ...

Glomping Butterflies
Hikaru's blog. Yes, just like the name says, we have glomping butterflies. Come visit the insanity.

1x2x1 Gundam Wing Fanfiction Recommendations
A gundam wing 1+2+1 site that recommends fanfiction in very specific categories. For example, 2x1 fics, crossdressing fics, etc.

just another bishie luvin fangirl's blog XD

Sutekichi Hachi!
It's about my manga sd-like thing "Sutekichi hachi" (wich means : My Lovely Hachi in Jap.). It's all utterly in Italian unluckily, I'm sorry -_-vv

Hujoshi Paradise - Fanart Archive
Fanart archives of Hujoshi Paradise. It has Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball, Weiss Kreuz, Final Fantasy and more! Update frequently.

Tejina's blog
this is my blog. Most of the time I talk anime or RPG's in it. Or just about my life. There's also a link to my fanfiction site.

anime fanfics and more


The TFL.org-approved fanlisting for Saiyuki's Genjo Sanzo. Show your support for him by joining!