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Button collecting and vintage buttons are an addiction to some! Once you start collecting antique buttons your eyes are always on the look out for the next doozie! That'swhy we've created this great little community actually.
For those who love vintage buttons for collecting or even using on sewing projects, this community will be a great source of information and fun. Have a look around!

THE Place to Go for Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons
Attention button collectors! If you're looking for antique buttons for sale or help with the identification of vintage buttons and guides to help you, then look no further. We've got all of your button ...

Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons Information and More
For the Button Collectors of Vintage Buttons and more, you've come to the right place for help with the identification and values of antique buttons and even antique and vintage buttons for sale.

Button Collecting and Vintage Buttons: Fun and Potentially Profitable!
I remember finding a jar full of buttons at my grandmother’s place and being absolutely mesmerized by the jar full of colorful little buttons that to me looked like valuable jewels of sorts! Remembering that makes it easy for me to see why some people have an interest in button collecting and vintage buttons. People often begin their fascination with buttons, like I did, when they are children and find that jar that every grandparent’s house seems to have that is full of odds and ends of different buttons. There is a misconception that only elderly people like to collect buttons but that seed is actually planted when a child does grow and mature when they become adults.

Buttons of all ages, shapes and materials draw and attract button collectors like moths to a flame. It is the beauty of buttons that attracts people to collect them. There are a whole variety of buttons available on the market. Some of the buttons have tiny intricate works on them; some are all kinds of various shapes, sizes and color. During the eighteenth and early nineteenth century almost all of the buttons that were created had paintings drawn onto them.  These paintings consisted of beautiful flowers, children playing and even portraits, some told a story between the buttons. Each set of buttons could be personalized which offered something for each and everyone. Buttons of past three hundred years always have reflected the great influences of the time. For example Victorian buttons show the fashions of the time even the French Revolution has left its imprint on the buttons of the time.

Vintage buttons are the antique buttons of a previous age or era which have historical stories attached to them. Collecting vintage buttons is quite a trendy thing to do as we love collecting antiques as a nation. History often plays a big part in our development and owning a piece of that history makes us feel complete as if we can touch the past. Some of the more famous buttons are made of metal, copper, plastic and steel. Each button has a story attached to it with one of the more famous stories being that of George Washington with his inaugural button, made in nineteen seventy nine. Military buttons also have their own stories to tell and the buttons that are from military campaigns can command high prices. It is generally agreed that the buttons which are older than eighteen eighty eight are considered to be vintage buttons.

If you collect buttons and are interested in the more royal aspects, which show the lives of the kings and queens of the world then you can buy buttons from their historical eras. There are many different types of antique buttons which can be categorized in many different ways; Antique enamel buttons, Antique Bakelite buttons, Antique brass buttons, Antique celluloid buttons, Antique champlevé buttons, Antique military buttons, Antique era buttons, Civil war buttons and many more.

Button collecting can become an addiction to some, once they start collecting buttons for their value and no longer for fun, they often find then that the urge takes over and the hunger can make their eyes look out for the buttons no matter where they are! The collection of antique buttons can become a life’s ambition and can even prove to be a very valuable hobby in the end depending on what gems you find during your obsessive hunts! So hit the antique stores, check out websites with vintage buttons for sale and make out your own collection of antique buttons, you may be surprised at what kind of money you can make!!