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Created by one who has lived through depression for those who are going through the same things- *or just believe in the indomitible human spirit* BLISS is a clique for all those out there who reach beyond the darkness for their dreams.

V-Babe's Page of Random Anime
My page is mostly about different animes I'm into, along with a couple of video games. So far I have Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, Outlaw Star, Soul Calibur, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokem ...

Gray Falcon
A site for poetry, stories and FUN!

Blog of Rika. Naive, innocent, and sometimes ditzy, she is a (little) girl trying to fence her way to the top. Zutto.

My Diary
This is my personal online diary. I found this link thru IMOOD and I love the idea of the clique as it does stand for a lot of ideas I live by.{;}{;}I hope its ok to have a diary site linking your clique... ...

Megan's World - The Life of A Teenager From The Mouth of One
This is my personal website, it has my diary, it has poems I've written and it has a place where you can get a message posted and replyed back to.

Glimpses of God
Promoting worship, praise, faith, hope, brotherhood, unity, and love via scriptural methods of Bible study; for all faiths that believe in the Bible.