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Dedicated to home pages of any and all Buicks, past to present

Ken's Roadmaster Model 71
Photographs, including closeups, of my 1941 Roadmaster Sedan.

Ed Chapman's Buick Turbo Regal Page
Ed Chapman's Buick Turbo Regal Page - see our 84 T-Type WH1, 87 T and 87 Grand National{;}

Hot Buick's
The only site dedicated to modified Buick's of the 50's and 60's.{;}

Oil Filter Adapter Enterprises
Oil filter adapters to convert messy original canister oil filters to modern spin-on filters. Fits 1953 to 1958 Buick V8. {;}

Buick Street Rod Association
Promotes Buick and Buick powered street rods.{;}

Old Iron Saves a Life
I was hit head-on by 5 drunk teenagers going near 100 mph when I was attending a carshow in my 1967 Buick Wildcat Custom.{;}

1939 Buick 8/40 Special Sedan (Holden Body)
Restoration is now completed of our 1939 Buick 8/40 Special Sedan. Site includes History and photo's of this rare Holden Body Buick (Australia)Restoration details and details of our new hobby with our ...

The Buick Page
Home of my dads 1969 Buick GS, a restoration log, and a story about a weekend restocommunity a 1969 Buick California GS 350 Engine.{;}

Craig's Buick Page
{;}Turbo Buick Info/ Pics

Alamo Buick Club
Alamo Chapter of the Buick Club of America, located in San Antonio, Texas.{;}

California (GS) Dreamin'
Information about the 1967 Buick California GS{;}

Buick LeSabre T-Type Page
information and pictures of the 87-88 buick lesabre t-types{;}

Buick Rendezvous
Buick Rendezvous humor random thoughts{;}

The Buick Apollo Home Page
Dedicated to the short lived 73 1/2 - 75 Apollo. Come look at the Nova's corporate cousin that lasted only 2 1/2 years!

A Buick specific web site dedicated to owners and enthusiasts. Specializing in the First Generation Buick, Developing information on repair, restocommunity, performance and trouble shooting.

Obsolete Buick Parts
We sell obsolete & hard to find Buick parts.

My 1994 Buick LeSabre
This site is about my 1994 Buick Lesabre. It has photos, info, and pics of my friends cars.{;}

The Dual Carb Registry
Home of the 1941-42 Buick dual carburetor registry. The Dual Carb Registry strives to locate and document every 1941-42 Buick equipped with Compound Carburetion.

Kenson's Turbo Regals
A site devoted to Turbo Regals and my love of them.

John's Page
My '68 Electra Convertible and spec's.

A Site dedicated to gathecommunity information about the Buick Electra 225.

1949 Buick Super
Document the restoration of my 1949 Buick Super

The Dan & Deb 56 Buick Site
Information about our Buick and the work we have done.

The June Project
Just a site to document maintenance and lessons learned, from working on a 1976 Buick Le Sabre

BuickPartsPage.com is a directory that aids in the search for all things Buick.


When it comes to marquee American automobile brands, the Buick holds a special place. Produced by the General Motors Corporation, Buick produces semi-luxury automobiles that are consistently rated among the top of the best built cars in the country due to the buick parts they utilize. A company that dates back to 1903 where it existed as an independent automaker, Buick has produced a number of prestigious vehicles including: the buick enclave, the buick grand national, the buick regal, the buick lucerne, the buick roadmaster, the buick lacrosse, the buick rendezvous, the buick riviera, and the buick lesabre.

As one of America’s most historical automakers, Buick has the advantage and challenge of producing cars that have to compare to the classic automobiles that they have produced in the past. Although iconic, Buick is constantly reinventing itself to maintain its reputation as America’s semi-luxury car brand. A favorite for America’s political and financial elite, Buick continues to find new ways to innovate. The first division in General Motor’s automobile division to utilize the latest navigation technologies produced by OnStar, Buick is firmly established as GM’s semi-luxury automaker. While General Motor’s Cadillac produces luxury cars and GM’s Pontiac creates affordable passenger cars, the Buick is able to appeal to a certain income that loves the luxurious style of its cars and also the fair price. When compared to similar competitors like Chrysler Town & Country, the Mercury Monterey, the Toyota Sienna, and the Chrysler Pacifica, Buick has consistently come out on top in terms of price and equipment.

Although Buick is an established name that can be compared to the deep roots made by Mercedez-Benz, Peugeot, Cadillac, Daimler, and Renault, the automaker is finding new ways to reinvent itself. In recent years, Buick has been busy consolidating its lineup of excellent vehicles. The old buick century and buick regal have been replaced with the buick lacrosse. However, news reports have surfaced that indicated that Buick will replace the buick lacrosse with a splashy reintroduction to its buick regal. Additionally, Buick has replaced its buick lesabre and buick park avenue with its buick lucerne. Currently, Buick is in the process of replacing its SUV lines of the buick rendezvous and buick rainier with the buick enclave. With all of these changes, Buick has bucked tradition by showing that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Embracing the challenge of living up to its considerable reputation, Buick is going through an exciting time and finding new ways to turn car lovers into Buick lovers.

Buick Enclave

(buick enclave)

For years, Buick’s entry into the competitive SUV market were its minivan styled buick rendezvous and its truck styled buick rainier. However, as Buick has been surpassed by its competitors within this important market, Buick has created a new platform of SUV vehicles called the Buick Enclave.

Industry insiders have raved about the Buick Enclave with many saying that this is the starting point in a new renaissance for the Buick brand. A large crossover SUV, the buick enclave will contain three row and eight passenger seating, large interior space, and will be powered by a 275 hp 3.6 L High Feature V6 engine. Featuring a sophisticated and elegant style that is draped in chrome, the buick enclave is available in black paint, metallic paint, or pearl paint. Its four door SUV body style and its gorgeous interior has drawn praise from a number of individuals, including world famous golfer Tiger Woods, who remarked that “the new buick enclave is just beautiful to look at inside and out.”

Although everybody seems to agree that the Buick Enclave is a beautiful car, Buick is doing its best to ensure its success. The car features the latest OnStar navigation technology and is priced less than the competition. During testing, the buick enclave has come out on top in terms of its low noise level and its stable handling. Additionally, the buick enclave contains one of the best warranties in the industry with its four year and 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty or its five year, 100,000 mile powertrain coverave.

Buick Grand National

Buick has produced a number of startling cars in its time and some of its most popular cars are its buick grand national lines that were part of its mid-sized line of Buick Regals. While the buick regal and the buick century were replaced with the buick lacrosse recently, it seems that Buick is making big plans to reintroduce the buick regal. Judging from popular opinion, the key for Buick may be reintroducing the buick grand national as the brand’s mid-size car platform. Considering how many car enthusiasts and car collectors value the buick grand national, it seems that now is as good a time as any to examine why these cars continue to be popular.

A car’s beauty is one of the first things that people look for when they look to buy a car. Another factor is its speed and the Buick Grand National expertly blended both of these concerns. While the buick grand national was discontinued in 1987, they continue to hold a special place in the hearts of car collectors, as they are considered one of the best turbocharged cars in automotive history. Powered by a powerful V6 engine and famously painted all in black, the buick grand national is a terror on the drag strip. Its parts are highly sought after and they continue to carry an aura of extreme cool.

Buick Lucerne

Within its sedan production lines, Buick has decided to replace the buick lesabre and buick park avenue with the Buick Lucerne. The buick lucerne was first introduced in 2006 and represents Buick’s first small step into the future. The company’s flagship Sedan, the buick lucerne has received great praise by automotive consumer reports and has claimed 24 percent of the American full-size sedan market. While the 2006 buick lucerne may not have overwhelmed Buick lovers at first but was a huge improvement over the warmed-over tri-shield sedans that Buick had offered in the past. This first generation of buick lucerne was praised for its elegant design and finely crafted interior. The biggest benefit was in its seamless incorporation of the latest technology that benefited mainstream drivers.
Although the buick lucerne was Buick’s attempt to please everyone, the latest lines of the Buick Lucerne look like they are going to be truly special. Reviving the Super name that it had abandoned over a half century ago, the new Buick Lucerne Super premium editions are truly incredible. These new buick lucerne vehicles will come equipped with a 4.6 L Northstar V8 engine, leather-capped instrument panel that contains French-seam stitching, and a new Super trim. In addition to these interior changes, the new buick lucerne super will come equipped with a slight exterior redesign that will create a sportier look.

As one of the most anticipated cars in the next year, the new Buick Lucerne Super and the continued success of the Buick Enclave show that Buick is taking bold steps to reach even new heights. While many car enthusiasts continue to be obsessed with the 1987 buick grand national, Buick is finding new ways to update its legacy and make car lovers turn to Buick for its semi-luxury car needs.