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A community for all of the bloggers out there who love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ritinha's Blog
it's a blog, still in a fase of evolution, but cool! I talk about Harry Potter, Buffy, LotR and lots of things...

random rambling is fun
This is the blog of a girl from the Philippines who loves to read, watch tv and movies, and go online. Yep, I\'m sure that description makes me very unique.

Among the Narcissi
Sometimes I talk about Buffy. Sometimes I don't. I still love the show though.

Nerf Herder
just a personal blog.{;}

Dollsome is my personal blog. Mostly just random thoughts I have throughout the day. Check it out, you might find some goodies :){;}

Cellophane Flowers
The personal blog for a Buffy obsessed webmum.

this little life of mine
my personal web log. enjoy.

never is a promise
buffy the vampire slayer - filipino style.

Owls' Court
The personal web log of Autumn Hiscock, including commentary on books, music, film, creativity, alternative spirituality, and whatever else of interest that might rear its head in my odd but always interesting ...

An Angels life
{;}A daily rambling of a day in an Angels life

Enchilada Sunrise
The blog of Lou, aka Soulstarsinger. Ramdom ramblings and the occasional brain splurge from a 30-something geek goth-ish fangirl knitter! Reviews of music or books crop up from time to time, as do mentions ...

are the stars out tonight?
life and stuff - the world of a twenty something english student looking for, uh, whatever...{;}

{;}my blog :)

My Own Private Hellmouth
A look at life from my own private Hellmouth: life, love, college, Buffy, and other horrors...{;}

Maggie's DeadJournal
it's just my deadjournal....

smartee blog
{;}personal blog

My blog/collective site

A personal site with writings, fanfic and daily, or at least weekly ramblings.{;}

Girl from the north...

Every Gurl Loves a badboy
Just a fan who likes james marsters,,, nothing special,just my rants,ramblings and fan fiction.

Blog/Personal site with TONS of visitor content. Well worth the visit!

Must Be Tuesday
A blog devoted to BtVS, Angel, my love of anime, and my gripes and musings.

My personal blog.