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Tatianna's Women if Brilliance and Diversity is a very exclusive community and internet group for women 18 and older who design and maintain a website & does not allow Hate, Porn, Gore, Racism or Religious Fanaticism.{;}{;}

Personal webpages plus a little something for everyone in making webpages of their own.

Tatianna's Trove
Family, pets, True-love, Hello Kitty, goth, poetry, virtual gris-gris bags, art, VW Bug and much more!

BARBlD0LL1's Original Texture Spot
Colorful, original, free graphics & adoptions. Plates, bracelets, teacups, lollipops,& website art frames on various themes, including nature, gems, Xmas, patriotic & goth.

Merlin's Dreams Zine
Lovely fairy tale art magazine from the lands of fairy. A beautiful magical wonderland of joy where you can embrace your Inner Child.{;}

Elainna's New Place
Original short stories, Spiritual adventures, A moderately ironic book on sanity, spirituality , having a life.{;}{;}Much of my site is dedicated to The Baha'i Faith.

kick up your heels
This ten page (and growing)site starts off at a community page.From there you can connect to my welcome center and enjoy a sure to please diversity in a selection of workes.{;}

Welcome to jessica's world
This is a site about me, my family, and my battle with Arnold Chiari Malformation and Sycommunityomyelia.

My Moo Cow Pages
A family freindly site with lots of cow related fun including cow jokes,puzzles,information, a memorial to my Dad, my adopted MIA/POW and much much more...it's not all cows..but there's one on every page...please ...

Cally's Web Page
My web page incorporates two of my interests, Charlie Chaplin and Science Fiction.{;}

Scootr\'s Special Hideout
personal web space to add to the world my input and to hidaway from the world here