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Community linking websites of members of the BrigaDears mailing list. Only requirement on the website is that the owner MUST be a member of that mailing list.

Anthony Starke Fan Club Website
Website devoted to actor, writer Anthony Starke. Site under construction as webcat learns how to do some code.

City Lights
Magnificent Seven Adult RPG set in the ATF universe.

Jilly's Anthony Starke Site
This is my Anthony Starke site; contains bio information, fan fiction, pictures, etc.

Painted Desert Serenade
Magnificent Seven RPG

Jourdana's Magnificent Seven Hunk Headquarters
This is my magnificent seven page that contains fanfic, pictures, etc.

Desert Diamonds
Magnificent Seven Adult RPG

The Inez Recillos and Ezra Standish Web Page
My Ezra/Inez/Tony/Fabiana site that contains pics, fanfiction, and biographies of these two actors.

M7Rocks! RPG Group 2
Magnificent Seven Adult RPG set in the M7Rocks! universe.

Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole has fanfiction, show information, and some western links.

Violette's Fanfic Page
Ezra-centric fanfiction written by Violette.

Lady Cat's Fan Fiction
Contains fan ficiton relating to the Magnificent Seven, mostly about Ezra. He is the main focus of those stories, those the others do appear. The site also contains Horatio Hornblower and The Highlander. ...

ATF Mile High
Mile High is an Adult RPG set in the ATF universe created by Mog (Thanks Mog!). As always, we, the writers, don´t own the characters originally portrayed in the series The Magnificent Seven; however, the ...

The Amazing Ezra
contains an Ezra fortune telling game, madlibs, sounds and animated gifs of Ezra, and fun photos.

Tipper's Mag7
My little homage to the show, complete with pics, links and a whole lotta fanfiction.

Star of the Show
has fanfiction and picture galleries of Magnificent Seven, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel.

This website is dedicated to my favorite celebrity Dale Midkiff. Get updated news(live chat transcripts,biography on Dale),& lots more information.

Debby's Bit of fiction
A collection of Fanfiction, mainly Magnificent 7 and The Sentinel. One lone Due south story plus some original stuff too.

Aloha ATF
ATF Magnificent Seven Adult RPG set in Honolulu, Hawaii

Dedicated to the movie Inferno, stacommunity Anthony Starke and his character Dezmond

Cecilia´s Magnificent Seven
Here you´ll find lots of fanfiction, images, links, facts and a whole lot more! It´s all M7 all the time!

M7 Rocks! is set in an alternate universe. In this setting, the Magnificent Seven are players in a rock band and work at the Club Four Corners. As always, we the writers, don’t own the characters originally ...

Western Skies
Fanfiction written in rotation. Age Statement required to access website.