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Welcome to my Pet hospital.

Kat Habikat
Cats, cats, and more cats!

Shadow's Homepage
An animal lover's site about my cats. We care very much about animal rights and the protection and proper care of animals.

Cats Unlimited! Home of 'The Herd'
Come meet my herd of 16 cats! Get first aid information, health info, and learn more about animal welfare. Read and submit pet poetry, and visit our many fun pages. Of course, you must also meet the Herd! ...

Cats Just Let Me Live Here
This site describes my 12 cats and 2 dogs, all save/rescue, all spay/neuter by using pictures and stories. There is also a links section, awards, info, and writings about cats.

Virginia's Animal House
This site is about homeless cats and dogs that have been brought in and loved. There are poems, stories, pictures, graphics, and more. There is a display of love and cacommunity, with an emphasis on ...

Elf's World
This site started as a way of introducing our cats, and then the cats took over and started adding their own web pages. Make sure you check out "Cat Rappers". The cats tell me when they are ready for ...

Breezy's World of Cats
Dedicated to my Harley who left his footprints forever in our hearts !{;}{;}This is Harley's story through the eyes of his feline companions !

Southern Belles Cattery
CFA Cattery in North Georgia breeding champion bloodlines from Joyvyn, Fairisles & Walnut Hill. Specializing in Chinchillas, Shaded Silvers & Color Point Himalayans. (all eye colors) Pet, Breeding, & Show ...

Fantastic Felines
dedicated to finding homes for the fantastic felines at the seal beach animal care center, education, my own personal furkids

All about our cat Snowbelle!

The CareyCats
Come meet the bratty CareyCats of Pearl, Mississippi, a melting pot of felines consisting of moggies, Persians, Himalayans, Cymric, Ojos Azules, and one silly Bengal brat!{;}{;}

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal home page with stories pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials and so much more.

Purrfect Pets~Marvelous Meows
Two mommy kitties,Tiger and Baby,tell the story of how they and their 6 babies became one,big,happy family.Their babies tell about their life in the family.Memorial to 3 kitties,Heidi,Patches,Lucky and ...

Purr Babies Happy Habitat
Our Tuxedo kitty, Pepe, takes visitors on a tour of her happy habitat, introducing them to her family & friends and showing them her activities.

Clarissa's Corner
Clarissa was adopted from the Ky. Humane Society, Louisville Chapter. This site will tell her story from kittenhood to adulthood via journal entries and pictures.

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cats!
Cat history, nutrition, parasites, vaccinations, when to call the vet and a little cat humor!

Betty's House of Cats
Showing my love for all animals

Nils & Sixten's homepage
This a site about us, Nils & Sixten, our life with our ownee, our friends and family members. Lots of pictures, and a page full of links to cat organizations all over the world.

Ibbys Homepage
A german homepage about my female cat Ibbkiss.On our homepage you find a lot of tips about cat health and the life with a lovely cat. You can also read the story from my lovely cat Ibby and you can meet ...

Noir's Den
hey hairball, com sea fur yerself!

My Kitty Cats and Manx on the WWW
Welcome to my Kitty Cats and Manx on the WWW website. Our website is all about my cats and the manx breed. I also have a spay/neuter page, anti-declaw page, sign our guestbook, our photos, and more.

Sherry’s Designs is a site that specializes in designer jewelry and prints with a focus on cat jewelry & prints and wildlife. Gemstones in set in sterling and gold. Many one of a kind items

Our Cats
A page made especially for our 2 precious kitties.

Sue's Furry Family: Rufus' Page
This is Rufus a.k.a. Mr. Kitty a.k.a. The Rhett Butler of Kittydom - or at least he is in his own mind. Come and meet him. He can be very sweet but he is very much a Brat Cat.

Carol's Parlor
This page is dedicated to my orange male cat Sam I am.

Rhinelander Animal Shelter
Hard to believe, isn't it?{;}Through no fault of their own, animals like these are abandoned every day. Please stop in and visit us today. We have online pic's of available pets. We also have nation wide ...

Meow City
A Peaceful place for humans to learn and share the wonderful joys of Cathood.

{;}Meet the furbabies in stories and pics. We strongly promote animal rights, spay/neuter and adopting strays. Visit our special Rainbow Bridge section and the memorials to our own furangels. Apply ...

Abby's Page
Come meet Abby, she's delightful, she's intelligent, and such a bad girl sometimes. But like all cats she's totally irresistible.

Catwalk, A Feline Odyssey
Catwalk is the story of a wandecommunity tabby cat and the people she meets on her journey in search of home and family.

The Clark Street Cats
I have nine cats. They are all strays. Life without them, wouldn't be a life.

This is a website just for feline/Mix communitys and is my web link to my main website: http://www.freewebs.com/felineangels {;}{;}Eventually I will have a large selection of feline communitys to brow ...

Precious Babies
Here you will feel my love for animals, cats in particular. You will find stories, poems, information and much more. Come meet my "precious baby" Dusty.

The Mooch Train
All aboard the Magical Mooch Train. Join Top Cat and Chief Engineeer Mr.Mooch on his exciting journeys to Paris, Egypt,Partytown,the Oktoberfest, or anywhere your imagination leads you.

Cat World
A world for and about Cats! Come visit and learn what is expected of humans!

The RugCats' Rag
Meet the RugCats, five of the most pampurred kitties in the feline world. Learn more about pet overpopulation and the responsibilities of being owned by kitties.

Always Loving Cats
I adore all cats, big ones, small ones and in between ones. Come meet my special grandkitties and see how precious they are. See you soon!!!!!

Mew-Mew Milieu
Come on over to, Mew-Mew Milieu. We'd love to meet you!

Tux's Home Page
This is an introduction To Tux, a very chubby (20 lbs.) 3 year old Tuxedo Cat who is very loving and playful. What his everyday life is like.

Snoopy's Cat Corner
Snoopy has a wonderful site with a ways to get tuna page, photo albums, cutest kitty contest, awards and so much more.

The Butterscotch Chronicles
The founding of a fine family of felines. As told by Scotty the cat. Story & photos of the Butterscotch family.

Sir Wally
Sir Wally, of Peke Avenue, has his own pages that feature his pictures, info about him, the Victorian Cat Society, the Sci-Fi Book Nook and much more. Sir Wally is an adopted stray white cat who has come ...

A site that covers every aspect of the domestic cat from breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition, breeding and showing cats to bcommunitying your new kitten home.

The BayouCats
Get the scoop on the BayouCats of Baker, Louisiana! >^..^

Two Crazy Cats
Two Crazy Cats is about my kitties, my Rainbow Bridge Kitty, and my d*g. I also have other goodies to look at. Hope you can come by and stay awhile!!

Humor and information about cats throwing up.

Save a Dog, Save a Cat
A non-profit organization committed to finding saving the lives of dogs and cats by finding them loving homes.

Two Kitties House
Meet Michael & Padraig and then visit furAngels Ti, Pooh and Maxie and their angel d*g brother Angus & cousins at the Bridge. Then link to current furkids (d*gs)Diarmid & Alexander. Become one of our ...

web page about my wonderful kitty, Sneezie, from when we found him as a baby to his death 15 years later.