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Info and pictures of Larva, Kenshin, Soujiro, Subaru, Kamui. More should be added later.

Manda's Mess
This is my fanfiction site. (Yaoi mostly shounenai) With fics from Gundam Wing to Pet Shop of Horrors. (not much) Also I am starting something new. I can't draw a stick figure -_-;. So if you can I'll ...

Little Anime Wedding Chapel
It's like an adoption site, except insted of adopting you "Marry"!!

Destiny: A Mirai Trunks Shrine
A site dedicated to Mirai no Torankusu (Future Trunks) from Dragonball Z. Although containing info on the bishounen in the series, this shrine mainly revolves around role-played versions of him. This shrine ...

Sara's Bishounen Site
A site dedicated to the great bishounens of anime such as Aya, Trowa, Lyon, Larva and much more. From the main male characters in an Anime to the supporting male characters...

Fused And Glued
A site that displays all my art, comics (one of the is Shouenen Ai), and fictions (Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, Outlaw Star, and miscellanous stuff).{;}

Knights' Quarters
Shounen-ai / yaoi site with fanfics and art from RPGs, including older FFs (FF4, FF6), Suikoden, Chrono, Wild ARMs, Resident Evil and Castlevania series and Xenogears. Also, bishounen Winamp skins and ...

Once in a Blue Moon
A site dedicated to one of Fushigi Yuugi's most popular bishounen, Hotohori.

Sgaith Tor
Gundam Wing fanfictions of HawkeCrystal as posted to gw-fan mailing list of egroups.

East of the Dreaming
General Jrock website with fanfics and strange stuff, and pocket bishounen and pretty Jrockers running all over the place...and hopefully, if I get working, there will be more!

The Flowershop
Contains fanfics, images and more about Weiß Kreuz...it will soon contain more Schwarz stuff. Really worth checking out^_^.

A shrine dedicated to bcommunitying fans the very best, and naughtiest, content concerning Tooya! We have over 600 images of our beloved redheaded assassin in our galleries, We also host the Official AnC ...

A small site with a fairly large art gallery, a few J-rock fanfics, and hopefully will have much more content in the future, including yummy anime and video game bishounen ^_^

Compulsion: Yami no Matsuei
It is a YnM site. Devoted to Yoko Matushita's Yami no Matsuei (Descendant of Darkness) manga and anime series. Images, fanfiction, fanart, themes, manga, comic, media, merchandise, links collection and ...

Alielle's Kawaii Bishounen Shrine
bishoujo and bishounen image galleries

Shards of Dewprism
A highly animated site with character info, images, gifs, midis, fan fiction, poetry and etc. about Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni ...

Seishi Ai
This is a Fushigi Yugi yaoi site featucommunity yaoi fanficiton and fanart, and bishounen image galleries and profiles. All FY bishounen, all FY yaoi!

The Darker Side
We're a small, but growing, archive dedicated at the moment to the Gundam Wing fandom. Primarily, the fanfiction archived here *is* yaoi, though some authors do specialize in the het paicommunitys. All ...

Gundam Pilots' Explosive Site!
My Gundam Wing site is deticated to the kawaii guys of Gundam Wing. There are graphics, character Bios, MIDI files, WAV files, Audio files, and much more!

Noire Sensus
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for the entire Final Fantasy series, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Communitys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. ...

Got Milk? A Miroku Shrine
A shrine to Miroku from Inu Yasha, including a profile for him, image galleries for all the characters, and an original Doujinshi "Welcome To Inu Yasha's Feudal Era!"

SINnamon Swirl
My yaoi and oddball fanfiction. Includes HE, BH, FY, RPGs and anything else I feel like writing. Also holds my Poke-bishonen collection.

The Sparkle-ness Homepage
A special little site. Has Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, and Tenchi Mutyo Fan fiction, as well as a small CLAMP section. There is also a bunch of random crap to annoy you.{;}It Rules.{;}I Love You.

Beth's Miscellany
A personal archive of fanart and fanfiction - including shonen-ai and concentrating on CLAMP's manga and Gundam W

Honey Dawn: A Tribute to Kaikan Phrase
A tribute to the anime Kaikan Phrase that includes yaoi/non-yaoi fanworks, a gallery, gig guide, info on the real-life band, and bios on all those lovely bishounens of Aucifer!

Personal website with nearly all anime content. Wallpapers from Evangelion, Utena, Kenshin, Trigun, etc. Yaoi and Yuri friendly.

Crimson Curtains
A page dedicated to the scandalous playboy of Gensomaden Saiyuki, Sha Gojyo. Includes stats, quotes, gallery, fanart, and a love advice page where Gojyo gives his opinion on relationships. ^_^

Fallacy of Dreams
A fairly shounen-ai themed site. Currently my art section hasn't any fanarts yet nor much shounen-ai ness^^;;{;}But I do have a bunch of Jrock fanfic (DIRENGREY!!) under my Tales of Fallacy section^^ And ...

A new and fast growing bishounen image gallery and fan art website! Bishounen from all your favorite series like Gundam Wing, Rayearth, Cardcaptors and Escaflowne and more!

Caelum is a realm for all things beautiful and free. You can find angels, bishounen, biseinen, and the rare bishoujo all embracing the freedom and art of expression. Explore the aesthetic side of anime ...

Kougaiji Cool
A Saiyuki Gallery

Visions of the Inner Eye
A small spot for my Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. I also plan to soon have fics from "Gensomaiden Saiyuki", "Final Fantasy 8" and "Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play" as well. ...

This Insane World
A home for anime, video games, cartoons, and musicians to reside. There's fanfiction, fanart, links, and whatever else we feel like adding in the future.

A little shrine dedicated to the GW paicommunity 1x3/3x1. Heero/Trowa images, fanfics, and fanart.

Saintly Shinigami
One of the best places to visit if you are totally head over heels for that sugoi, super hot, braided wonder...Duo Maxwell...or, Shinigami! This page contains a gallery to please any viewer, plus polls, ...

got Trunks?
A little shrine to Trunks from Dragonball Z with images, fics, art and more.

Firechild's Lair and Anime Page
dedicated to anime loves, gundam wing, Trigun, and bishonen, includes shrines to Duo, Wufei and Vash and scanart galleries, also a fanfic page.

Shojo Kitsune's Bishonen Page
this page is my character shrines for some of the really bishonen characters I know there may be some slight yoai themes. No mature content. Characters from RG Veda, Gundam Wing, Magic Knights Rayearth, ...

A site with profiles, fanfictions and pictures from various J-rock bands (dir en grey, malice mizer, luna sea ,...)

Akane's Shrine of Hot Bishounen
this website it a work in progress, but it is dedicated to trunks briefs, spike speigel, ryoga hibiki, and other hot bishounen!

BlackBolt's Dungeon
Original and Elfquest Yaoi Fan-Art, Fan-Fic, Characters and other stuff from BlackBolt, Goodheart, Taronay and others (German Site)

Bishonen no Palace
This site is in Spanish, is an anime index collection of Anime Bishonens and Real Bishonens.

Bishonen Guide
A professional encyclopedia of all that is bishonen and how to find it. Focusing on the ideal of bishonen rather than yaoi (though inclusive of it). Explocommunity the archetypes, common misconceptions, ...

Moonlight Jewel
A site with some yaoi anime/manga fanfictions, as well as original yaoi fiction and a little JRock as well.