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The Bishounen Underground Community celebrates the art of beautiful anime, video game, and jrock boys (men)! Got a site devoted to bishounen? Join up!

School Boys - A Yaoi RPG
This is a yaoi RPG, meaning that there is gay guys in it. So if you are offended by this then don't enter this site! This site offers an image gallery thats always growing, fanfiction, links, artwork ...

The Jrock Fanfic Writers Guildhouse
A list of links to webpages archiving Jrock Fanfiction.

A U R A[of the dreamer]
um... bishounen (obviously)... some original, some fanart (mostly gundam wing and gravitation)... gundam wing fanfiction, and i'm pro'lly going to be doing alot of j-rock fanart (gackt, hide, dir en grey, ...

Yaoi fanfic by Aithine, currently for Yami no Matsuei, Evangelion and Gundam Wing

Bishounen Haven
This site is namely dedicated to an assortment of my own personal favorite bishounen of anime, though it is still under development, I hope to have it completed soon.

Shaded Mazoku no Labyrinth
My crazy little universe of art and fiction. Mainly a yaoi page, but I have some yuri and slash planned too. Not too much up at the moment.

miffylube's dooti and evel
a silly yaoi manga of original characters as well as kidnapped ones.

Templars Solace
Just a small site dedicated to yaoi!

Hujoshi Paradise - Fanart Archive
Fanart archives of Hujoshi Paradise. It has Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball, Weiss Kreuz, Final Fantasy and more! Update frequently.

The Mouse Hole
This is where I display the stuff that I draw. Mostly the fanart is from Gundam Wing, but there is some from other anime such as Weiss Kreuz and original art. Also there will be manga and doujinshi sc ...

...The Silence...
Yaoi Fanfictions of various anime and game titles.

Kim's Anime Page
Fanfiction, image galleries (Ruroken, Gundam Wing, and Fushigi Yuugi), fanart, bishounen pages and lots more!

Cactuar's Desert Prison
A fun site devoted to FFVII-IX. Contain bishounen galleries, fan fics, poetry and more. Submissions welcome! WARNING: Some yaoi content.

Jade Turned to Air
A page for my original artwork and fiction, chock full o' pretty men in the art section, and pretty men doing various deep and meaningful things in the fiction section.

Singular Rose
Ever-growing shrine dedicated to Hanagata Mitsurugi-- the blonde, tights-clad openly gay bishonen from Saber Marionette J!! Here you can find fan fiction, fan art, manga scans and more goodies dedicated ...

Serpent’s tale: an anime/RPG fanfics and fanarts site, including original creations.

La'Cryma Christi Fanfiction Archive
Newly rennovated fanfiction archive dedicated to the boys of the Japanese rock band La'Cryma Christi. Very yaoi-heavy. Please stop in, read something, write something, submit something ^^/

Ronin Warriors Gundam Wing Haven
My site is for anyone who happens to love Gundam Wing or Ronin Warriors and loves to read. It is mostly fanfiction but I am hoping the fanart section will grow. Feel free to drop on in and check it out. ...

Final Fantasy 79
A small Final Fantasy VII and IX fanart page. You can also get a free original wallpaper, add your link and apply for my award.

Boys Heaven Yaoi community
The bhYw is a long standing community for webpages dedicated to some yaoi anime or manga theme, couple, or series.

Rusty Love
The yaoi webpage in spanish,image gallery,information,and more stuff..also lots and lots of bishounen ...

This is a site dedicated to bishounen from mangas, anime,and game. Also contains shounen ai, scans, wallpapers and some games reviews. {;}

[ miyabi no heya ]
just my small fansite devoted to miyabi, guitarist from visual kei band dué le quartz. wallpaper, fanart, fics, and much more...

Akane's bishounen
Original drawings and stories of vampires and once-been-mortal boys.

Intus A Amphorae
Once upon a time, a young man opened a bottle. It was far from the wish-happy experience he expected.