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A community for boys who blog.

Blogdom - What's new
My more often than weekly, but not quite daily, musings, ramblings, and life-record.

shadowy duck: diurnal emissions
Pylduck extravaganza.

The Column Venator
The Column Venator is my column about life and the things that go on around us.

Journal of a brownskinned queerboy living the life he loves and loving the life he lives(ha!)

Musings of a gay London man

Revelations of Turok
Hey, come in and check out my life... I'm an 18 year old performer from Australia... and this is my life!

grep computer(s)
Technology is part of our everyday lives - even if we don't see it. Computers happen to be a bigger part of my life than most others. But there *is* more to my life than computers...

Dispatches of the Emergency Queer Reserve
You're hosting a wedding shower for a group of bocommunity girls. Who ya gonna call? Distant relatives are dropping in and nothing's happening with the weather. Who ya gonna call? The centerpiece isn't ...

ron's Log
Boston boy-at-heart rambles and insists you come along (no yawning!).

Aa's Blog : Aldo Alvarez
weblog of the author of INTERESTING MONSTERS : Fictions (Graywolf Press) -- one of OUT Magazine's 2001 OUT 100 list.

Omnium Gatherum
Randomm thoughts of a 17 year old living near london, england. My adventures in london are also frequently posted about. ;)

BP boy
Not so random thoughts by a cute boy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Big Gay Wedding
From the proposal on the Rim of Crater Lake to the actual Union in Vermont, follow along as we develop plans for our Union Ceremony scheduled for August 2004, celebrating 10 years together.

my first foray into blogging, in which i whine and bitch about various irritations, fawn over web celebrities and fellow bloggers, fret about my theatrical employability, and document a long and tumultuous ...

BJ's Gay Porno-Crazed Ramblings
NYC queer man's notes on his sexcapades, porn, and life as an unemployed, hairy, porn-obsessed man.

urban nomad
non sequitor ramblings of a 23 yo guy in Sydney, Australia

Spazboy's LiveJournal
This log is about me and my experiences though the insanity of existence.... or something like that...

Oylander's Cyberhome
Random thoughts about a random Maritimer transplanted in Ottawa Canada.

I'm Not A Child Anymore
The semi-daily musings of an eighteen-year-old trying to prove to the world he isn't a child anymore. And along the way, it'd be nice to prove it to himself, too.