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A community devoted to those of us who get our undies in a knot at the thought of beautiful anime boys fucking

Site dedicated to Gundam Wing's Solitary Dragon, Chang Wufei. Includes fanfiction, fanart, images, doujinshi, wallpapers, AIM icons, sounds, lyrics, rants, free email, community, forum, Chinese cultural ...

A small site that serves as a haven for anything and everything yaoi/yuri/slash.{;}

Cute Alien Incorporated
{;}This site is basically just a joint personal site for my friend and I and we love Yaoi. :D Me, coz I'm gay and her because she's like that :P Plus we have a webcomic that should be up soon :D

BlackBolt's Dungeon
Original and Elfquest Fan-Art, Fan-Fics and Characters from BlackBolt, Goodheart, Taronay and others, links, fun-stuff and other, most german (e.g. storys and charas).

Trinity's Bishounen Page
My Page with bishounen pictures and wallpapers!{;}

Tumbleweeds is a site dedicated to good Final Fantasy VIII, Weiss kreuz, and other fanfic. We also have fan art.

Dragon's Lair
Hiya! this is my little corner of the web, devoted to fanfiction, especially (but not only) yaoi, right now the page is purely FF7 and 8 but this will change... eventually. Oh and I would welcome any submissions: ...


boys next door
a collection of shonen ai and yaoi stories.

Mony-chan's closset

Pure Yaoi
Purely yaoi fanfiction, doujishi scans, other images, and sexy bishonen sounds. Also includes guides to acquicommunity the very best in goods and series for your own collection.

GW 1+2+1 Fic Reccomendations
A 1x2x1 recommendations site that focuses on specific, hard to find categories. We have recommendations for 2x1 fics, crossdressing fics, and fics where one of the pilots is a girl. Feel free to submit ...

A shrine dedicated to Ken Inchijouji. Includes:Daiken/Kensuke, Yamaken/Kenato, as well as MP3s, Fanfiction/Fanart, image galleries and overviews of seasons 1 & 2. {;}

Lit Shack
{;}a new fanfic archive open to all works of any rating [ie NC-17, PG-13, R] and any genre

Final Fantasy Insanity
The laughable exscuse for a Final Fantasy fan site. You wanna laugh? Pop on over...

A little FFVII hole-in-the-wall :) with doujinshi, gallery, fanfics and more. And a favorite coupling of SephirothxVincent.

Veggie's Page
Um site em portuguÍs, totalmente dedicado ao yaoi DBZ... Sou iniciante e espero que gostem...{;}{;}A portuguese website,totally dedicated to yaoi DBZ... I hope you like it...{;}

Insanity Inside
Focuses mainly on creator's fanfiction, but has other things like sounds, poetry and wallpapers.

Big Yaoi HE Orgy
A place for Houshin Engi shounen-ai or yaoi fans. You request a couple, and one of my three slaves draws them.{;}

Moffit's (mostly) GW Site
Like the title says, it's mostly Gundam Wing, but there's a few others things floating around. The main focus is on the Fanfiction, which is mostly yaoi.{;}

Fixation is a yaoi/slash fanfiction archive home to a wide range of fandom's. Submissions are accepted.

shaBabeh! ^^
This is my personal blog, but me LOVE yaoi!! XDDD Which reminds me...I gotta start running my yaoi site up again. Go visit my site for more details!

Captured...Shoujo Manga Shrine
A site dedicated to not so well known Shoujo manga. But i personally love Yaoi! ^^{;}

Yaoi Lover
todo lo que siempre quisistes ver y saber sobre yaoi!!! cantidad de imagenes tanto yuri como yaoi, doujinshis, fics, notas sobre diferentes mangas y animes, galerias especiales... de todo!!! entra y disfruta!!! ...

Tenshi vs Akuma
Personal Blog with Anime... etc.{;}