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We are proud, patriotic Americans who have come together against Hollywood punditry.{;}{;}We are tired of the ongoing political rhetoric coming out of Hollywood.{;}{;}We stand together, as citizens, to say that we will not support these celebrities and their projects.{;}{;}The web sites contained within this list have come together in one spot on the web to join their collective efforts in {;}speaking out against, and in opposition of, the celebrities who have inundated the media with their hate speech {;}against this country and our President. {;} {;}{;}All of these websites on this list have decided there needs to be one spot where we can all list our views and opinions - {;}No, we don't have $56K to take out an ad in the Washington Post - - but we have websites, and we have voices! {;}{;}This is a site community that lists conservative websites who have taken a stand against celebrity pundits in Hollywood.{;}{;}{;}{;}

Project: DarkSword
A novel about a newly created Joint-Counter terrorism unit compose of Delta, Navy Seals,and Air Force Combat controllers. Project DarkSword the best of the best.

Yellow Rose of Texas - Welcome to The Western White House
A fun, Family site. Children -- come and color a Picture of the President, and Join the list of Kids supporting President Bush. Great Youth page -- see Who is getting in on this election! Parents -- see ...

Marlo\'s Musings
Thoughts and various topics of interest here...

The Greatest Jeneration
Jen talks Texan on the War on Islamist Terrorism and Liberalism (same thing!)

No Pundit Intended
Op-ed political commentary and news by a former US Army Sergeant.

Vigilant Warrior
A new Novel about the war on terrorism set in the year 2012. Kim Jung il and Terrorist leader Red Lion plot to attack the U.S. A new Joint-Counter-Terrorism Task Force is formed to stop this attack. ...

The Crusader
Conservative, Christian News & Punditry.

Righting America >>>>>
My review of current events and conspicuous acts of gratuitous liberalism, Bush-hating, political correctness and self-loathing; to include any extraneous bovine scatology (B.S.) plaguing our otherwise ...

Nic\'s Place (As My World Turns)
Musings, rambling blog entries, good times, tasty treats and theraputic writings (as suggested by the counselor I saw last year) of a 30-something aspicommunity romance writer and a proud mother of on ...

Essays and opinions dedicated to the brave men, women and policies of our great nation. Did I mention that I think Tim Robbins is a hack?

Democracy Frontline
A conservatibe outlook on history politics and current affairs

I used to think \"I wouldn\'t ask my barber or grocer whom to vote for. Why would I ask an entertainer?\" Then I read Barbra Streisand say we never fought in Afghanistan. It\'s worse than I thought.