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This is the official BOTA Warriors Against Blind Voting Community! What is blind voting? Blind voting is when someone asks you to vote for their site, and you do so without even going there and looking. If you are against blind voting, then this is the community for you! You DO NOT have to be a member of the Battle to join this community... You just have to be against blind voting in website competitions.

A place of rest from the storms of life

A site for all my pages i make for my friends

lilypiet dot com
My spirit in the things I like to do as the love for my Shih Tzu and so much more.

The World of Insane Faery...
My family, pets, graphics, journal and much more!

The Lands of Estrid
An RPG of the like you\'ve nevr seen, your actions and views will help create the ending.

The Tapestry
The Tapestry is dedicated to Fantasy Weavings of Literature & Art.

The Enchanted Fairy Forest
site about me & my family, family pics, a memorial for my baby. Lots of fae art, fae I created. New fae drawing board so come draw me a pic. Funny e-mails & so much more. So come in for a visit & see whats ...

Ruff Ridin'
{;}A look at australian Rodeo

My Little Angels
Dedicated to stopping child abuse and domestic violence. Information and support for all.{;}

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
{;}Over 800 pages covecommunity a wide variety of subjects including: gardening, cooking, jokes, poetry, legends, pets,my friendship quilt, my family tree, and much more.{;}Come sign my free for all l ...

Hermeniana's World - El mundo de Hermeniana
A place ordered by the Greek God Hermes and a special request of his Brother Ares. Besides some information of the TV serie Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules the Legendary Journeys{;}

Gidget's Crossroads
An informational site containing various different spiritual and metaphysical concepts and beliefs.

Our Special Kids
Learn how autism and adhd can touch your life through personal stories, poetry, information, a support group and much more!

{;}personal site about the dark and gothic things i like...... come on have a look -- i wont bite.... honest... ;)

The Essence of Nature
{;}all things nature, pics, poems, graphics

Frazz Down Under
{;}Full of me and ly thoughts , something to share with a special someone

Hermione's Cauldron
Loadsa info on Harry Potter including the HP books, the names, the spells, and the characters! Find out the mythology behind the books! Also my outlet for my slash-y fanfic ramblings...{;}

{;}A site for all my poems and songs i write

Crystals by Rob
this site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program cleanse and charge your crystals. Also a list of many gemstones with yheir properties.{;}

fenix' ankh

Tatianna's Trove
My personal website about my family, garden, vw beetle, Hello Kitty, degenerative disc disease, art, poetry, garden and much more!{;}

Vampys Home
Mystical, Fantasy, Gothic, all things that i like and do, well worth a visit even for the sceptics!!

Celestial Seasonings
{;}Dedication to Women of Inner Strength and Beauty ~ My secret Fae home! Featucommunity dolls, games, communitys thus far... More coming soon!

Amy's World Of Poetry & Songs
{;}A site done for me by my mom and grandma for my poetry and songs

My personal site about my life as a Wiccan