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An Odd Life. Some Demented Views. And My Dependency On A Bottle Of Sambuca I Affectionately Refer To As \"Sammi.\"

Sir Richard Wentworth\'s Sketchbook
The online sketchblog of Boston artist Sir Richard Wentworth.

Local Allston news, events, and regional issues that affect the quality of life for those of us living or working in Allston, Massachusetts

Charting my progress and shacommunity experiences as I go from clutter queen to cash-tastic and achieve financial freedom

Fresh sKWeez'd, Daily
Mother of three contemplates life, relationships, and her crazed family, with commentary on random findings.

the search for \'neo\'...
a twenty seven year old guy\'s thoughts on love, life, relationships and our desire to find the perfect mate. based out of boston, MA.

Art is the Handmaid of Human Good
I generally write about my hobbies and interests which include knitting, my friends, food, books, photography, travel, and whatever else flits through my mind.

The Poor Poet
Young, artistic, and with very little income? There's no better way to live in Beantown.