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Click Member link to see site in tvPablo Online
Paul's personal site containing travel (Peru, Africa), music and jokes

left blank
links prompted by {;}childish fascinations{;}and righteous indignation{;}fully harnessing {;}my prodigious distractibility{;}

Everything In Its Right Place
miscellaneous ramblings of a sahm

Blur Circle
Personal thoughts, interesting links. Philosophy, religious (not dogmatic), general deep (and less deep) thoughts.

Where the Hell Was I?
Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, most of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.{;}

The Life and Times of DRS1

Fairly bocommunity observations of a computer geek.{;}

Die Kunst des Denkens, die Kunst des Seins. Random ramblings about random events. {;}

Simmer Stock
A culinary theatre. Tales about food and cooking (with some eating thrown in here and there).

the pieces of my life
The once-a-week musings of a formerly hip Seattle gal making the transition to suburban haus frau. One baby, half a writing career, too much chaos, and not a lot of sanity. How did I get here?

the stephenhead
Wistful thinking. Sniffy comments. Broad satire. And make-believe: "I think therefore I change my mind.

Yet another voice in the cacophony.

Sports. Music. Humor. Other.{;}

Andrew Sinclair
BU law student discusses law, law school, music, society, and technology.{;}

mister crunchy
trapped in a house full of estrogen, a lone male voice cries out for freedom...

I bcommunity the snark. I complain about my job in really vague terms. I wish I could sleep more and help my cats achieve detante.

About a girl and her world, as told by the twins...

Hbee Inc.
A new kid on the blog. The usual cornucopia of...stuff

discolorations / _net
The only soap box available for Kurt to stand on. No one really ever listens, but it makes him feel better to know that whereever he is, Whitey Bulger might just swing by the site one day and drop him ...

Something's Always Wrong
Sports, politics, current events, and pop culture, live from Boston with a left-wing bent. You've seen it before. But have you seen it from a Minnesotan?

Leslie's Latest News
A personal journal. {;}

Garden of Words: Prosies
The protagonist of the Prosies bed lives a life remarkably similar to my own-- and yet at the same time more interesting and poetic.

dreaming in demark
bits and pieces of the life of a thirtysomething woman on the fcommunityes of the Hub.

Blog from Boston MA Area

Superelastic Iconoclastic
Dashed-off dispatches from Spcommunityfield, Mass.

Rule 42: the oldest rule {;}in the book. Mainly links to current{;}news. Definite leftist slant.{;}A few tidbits from the life{;}of our own Mr K.{;}

The IdeaBlogue
Observation,Rumination, and, occasionally, Vituperation.{;}

Personal Website. Log, projects, photos, etc.{;}

Jimmy Squid's Weapons
A Western Massachusetts photolog

Party of One
A blog about incessant shopping, excessive drinking, and intense true feeling from a just-graduated woman in the meantime.

Blog about first generation experience; observations about American and Irish characteristics; bicultural experience; cultural belonging and marginality

Scigirl\'s Scribblings
A blog maintained to ruminate on the various variosities of life...

Gudlyf\'s World
Useless Shite to Bore You to Death

The Hipster Brigade
Amelie wannabe explores Boston and deals with college life.

A Concise History of Modern Painting This is the (almost) daily photo journal of Nick Rhodes.
This photo journal follows the life and daily happenings of Emerson College student Nick Rhodes. Currently living between Boston, MA.

This Goes Without Saying
My collective impressions of the new controls.

The Kosher Blog
Trying to prove that "kosher" doesn't mean second-class cuisine.

Politics, Arts, Unemployment - all are discussed for your pleasure.

pretty on the inside
a blog dedicated to all those walking contradictions: moms trying to work and keep up a family, socialist business school professors, and feminist who like porn.

Counting Sheep
Counting Sheep is the main blog of myself(jo), my expat Brit husband who is known as 'husband' and the Beagle often known as 'the pooper'. I'm a frustrated chef, a book hound, a music lover and a passionate ...

Technology, politics, and rants from a 20-something graduate student in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The mostly political blog of an immoderate moderate who adores the opportunity to rip into those who desrve it. Also delving into books, music, movies and other things on a semi freuent basis.

An online journal of the nightly nonsense endured by a (Bostonian)bouncer at two of New York\'s most popular nightclubs.

Musings from the Den Mother
A source of insight on all topics worth thinking about, the Den Mother tenders her opinion, analysis, and/or personal reflection on the subject of her choice. "You can fool some of the people all the ...

The Triumphant Red Sox Fan Speaks
We believed ... and it happened.

Back of the Hill
Random thoughts from someone who used to live on Capitol Hill and has just moved to Boston.

whimsical happenstance
it\'s a web journal. abouuuttt...me? trust me, that\'s weird enough.

Peter Kovacs
My personal weblog where I post my picture-of-the-day, and assorted other geek-outs.

personal blog by a homemaker/professional blogger

The Lost Tea Cup
More than just photography & words, it's life. Plus, I don't write about what I had for lunch (unless it was really really good).