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bostonites unite! a community for boston area bloggers.

i want more to be said to me than just orange.

The Tum Tum Tree
personal site with links, photos, and general musings

online journal of a 24 year old lad living in the davis square section of somerville. my blog is intended as a multimedia collection of sights, thoughts, and sounds collected in and around the boston ...

Letter from Eastie
News, information, and stories about life in East Boston and sometimes other things that strike my fancy.

3rd House Party
The 3rd house in astrology is associated with writing, conversation, personal thoughts, day-to-day things, siblings and neighbors.

Antics and ravings from a self-proclaimed diva.

Verbal Jazz
Verbal Riffs on Politics & Culture. Prone to frequent satire and silliness.

maggie is restless
A slice of life from a Boston gal trying to find parking in Brooklyn for a while.

words, things, and other stuff

aeblog: musical thoughts
all MUSIC all the time: includes performance reviews, random musical thoughts and free mp3 downloads from a Boston area musician

Choizilla is a doodle pad.

Romney is a Fraud
Satirically tracking the Fraud Governor and his band of sidekicks.{;}

Ralph Poole's Weblog
My job search weblog: a chronicle of networking, interviewing, and random thoughts that get me through this period of unemployment

A Geeky Goof
Random notes from an arts-lover, sports nut, and geek-in-training.{;}

views of the northeast
{;}Primarily a photo blog, but really it could be anything.

Tales of the Dancing Queen
{;}I went to Wellesley College and lived in Somerville after graduating. Boston is my favorite city to live in. Currently, I'm travelling the country as an organizer (in training) for SEIU. Come hear my ...

bostonites unite! (community home)
this is the home page for the community.

the enchanter
-the candid effusion of the enchanting cellist, the stradgirl, THE GIRL.

De Spectaculis
Searching for the mot juste to describe how I feel about: politics and culture. There, that covers just about everything.{;}

A Break from the Monotony
The semi-coherent ramblings of Matt, a small-town VT kid living and working in Boston. A weblog of unfathomably trivial importance.{;}{;}

Dolphin With Rabies
Crankiness direct from Cape Cod.

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?
My random mumblings and mussings...

Arrest This Man, He Talks In Maths
The life and times of an ex-physicist and ex-homeschooler; a baller, pool shark, card shark, and poet; and yeah, a Harvard grad student. That's all me. And I'm all that.

Dedicated to bcommunitying you the Whiskey and the Sexy.{;}

Gum for Thought
Minty fresh, not very nourishing{;}