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You can find inspiration, healing and entertainment at your finger tips with the Christian Family Book Community. From religious books and magazines to those on family, marriage and health; information is only a click away.
This wonderful community can provide you with all the resources you need when it comes to meaningful reading for you and your whole family.

Christian Family BookStore
We carry Christian Books for Kids and Adults, including The Bible Story, My Bible Friends, Magabooks (soft cover books in magazine form), Forever stories, Bible Reference for Adults and Teens and more. ...

Supreme Desire Publications: Recession Proof Christian Reading!
Supreme Desire Publications is a promotor of works from unknown authors. The writings are eclectic and inspiring. All of our books are available in print, ebook and CD form and will ALL soon be available ...

Christian Family Book Store - Reading for the heart and the mind
There is a great love for reading amongst most Christians that I know and share my life with. Whether the books they read be for fun and amusement or to learn more about themselves and God. In an average bookstore you may find small reference areas to every religion and non religion but the collection is not nearly large or extensive enough. The main collection of fiction and non fiction books can scarcely be classed as appropriate reading material in many cases, so where do you go if you are a Christian in search of reading material? Well you go to the Christian Family bookstore of course! Not all town or cities have a store or stores within them that are Christian book stores. Some are lucky and have one, others are extremely lucky and have more than one but others have none. We are lucky that the internet has given us the chance to expand or opportunities to access decent and Christian books of reference or fiction.

There are many internet sites that are run by good Christian families offering a wide range of products and books; the Christian family bookstore online is a fantastic and informative site. You can register for free so that your goods can be sent via post to your nominated address and also receive emails with special offers and discounts from time to time. The books that they offer fall into five categories: Fiction, Audio books, Bibles, Bible study tools and home schooling. Within these categories they offer a wide range of different books for all ages and levels of study where appropriate. They sell books that will blow your mind and books that will make you smile. What ever you are looking for to fulfill you Christian reading desires this store has got it for you. Along with selling books the Christian family bookstore also sells Christian entertainment including games and music, fashion and jewelry, beauty and health, kitchen and gourmet, home décor and gifts and finally specialty goods which include church supplies and Christian software or your PC.

Another site is familychristian online where they also specialize in Christian books for all of the family. This internet site offers you the chance to buy Christian products at reasonable costs and also lists books early that other stores have not yet even got in stock. The company is not just online they also have over three hundred stores through out America and are the leading retailer of Christian supplies. They employ over five thousand staff and have a huge stake in a billion dollar market aimed at just Christians. They also promote Christian causes like Family Perks, Ministry Builders program and Pastor Perks. The store not only sells books they also sell other Christian goods such as Bibles, Music, Children’s items, Gifts, Apparel Card and Church supplies.

There are other sites on the internet that sell Christian books for Christian people but always make sure that you try the Christian Family bookstores first! If the situation arises that there are some textbooks you need and they are not available via the Christian Family bookstore, you should try out My Book Buyer. This is especially helpful if you or your child is attending college and needs to buy textbooks for their classes. Keep in mind that you can also sell your books through this site as well, which works out perfectly for students. It is also a sound option for anyone who wants to sell their physical books to save space, or perhaps as the first step in a move to reading books through digital means.