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Funny picture blog by a silly girl. Blog about random stuffs and daily happenings. A highly addictive blog. Addictive rating: 10/10

a b e - s t e r i a

easy make money online
make money online, survey, freelance, part time, blog money, online money, tips and succeed

Survival Kit
the indispensable, indestructible guide for surviving life's sudden turns for the worse

~my life~
How i Paint ~my life~..funny???

Simply Unig
Photography and life of a university student.

Kingston's Killer
About my killer stories, tales about life, and there's no limit!

Where's My Noose?
A personal blog of a Malaysian postgrad living in Melbourne, with an allegedly humourous slant. Politics, popular culture, current affairs, religion, comic books; no topic is too random.

mentaly abused
ku kecapi yang terindah..

Nicholas Chan's Blog
Nicholas talks story here. Got photos, videos and words.

A Chord A Day
Where you can learn a new guitar chord everyday!

A Life Less Ordinary
my daily ramblings

BobbyT Blogging To a T
This is a personal blog, which I hope to share with the world interesting stuffs, and mainly my interests are IT, blogging, movie, review, TV series, software, life, novel, literature and so on.

players ground
My lil' blog-like thingy~ boleh~

Mimi;A user's guide
Mimi;A user's guide.History.Herstory.

Spam | Adware | Spyware
Something that every internet user should know, prevent and aware from.

Ramblings of a Frustrated Malaysian Woman

This blog serves as a medium for me to share my interest in photography.

Kerambit - The Little Hidden Weapon
Stories about whatever that comes around me - from my private life to the world. Which ever of the happenings that I need to talk about. I just keep on walking...

My Labuan Island
This blog contains all pictures taken from all places around Labuan, including the travel guide for those interested to spend their holiday here.

my Xanga Blog
just a general blog about the random events happening in my life

A Journey Called Life
I'm Just A Girl, Trying To Find A Place In This World. Maybe I'm Just A Girl On A Mission But I'm Ready To Fly...

A New Beginning
general blog about random events in my life

Three O'clock Truncheon
"What time is it? It's TRUNCHEON TIME!" "No, Daddy! NOOO!" Three O'clock Truncheon. Where lunacy roam free.

Inside Of Nasz
Personal Blog

Shadow Pimpernel
You don't know me. And I won't tell you. But I will say that I live in Malaysia, that I'm female, that I'm in my mid twenties, I enjoy PC games, collect beautiful pictures, take cellphone photos, read ...

Peregrination of Life
My Life, My Journey, my experience. Whatever I did, you'll know it through my blog~

I Failed My Finals
Chronicling my life after i found out that i failed my surgery component of my final medical licensing examination, needing a supplementary exam 6 months later. For my own keepsake, as well as for people ...

AesopWhite - Movies Addict
TVB movies/series download.

Random Photoblogs

Ramblings, thoughts, opinions, ideas that I may have at one particular point in the time-space continuum of our life experience.. Happy thoughts, critiques of Malaysian Life (this will probably be a fave ...

Business Online Happysurfer
Business Online Happysurfer (BOH) deals with Money matters, business online and promotions. BOH would provide opportunities for viewers to obtain some business information, potential for their investments. ...