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movies, music, soccer and any stuff that i like but might not in your secawan kopi.

~bb~ space
jz a ordinary person's blog....

The comings and goings of a Female Muslim Architecture student lost is dreams and walking a strict reality.

+ Sweet Melancholy +
Random talk on everything in general~

Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr J Soon
My thoughts, insanity, rage, people who uses sms to fire people, backstabbers, friends, family, Mr Stickman, and all those crap we human beings goes through everyday..all bottled up in this site...


life is full of nuts...n bolts

Just my thoughs!

The Road Not Taken
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. ~ Robert Frost

Wazzup Dude~!!!
This is a blog about things that happen around myself and my dudes which is full of jokes and craps

The Girl Within Me, Inside Me
The life of a girl, who's frequently searching for her real inner self, for answers, for the meaning of life. Confident and "happy-go-lucky" on the outside, but an insecure, pessimistic girl deep inside. ...

Life. Mine, yours, theirs
ramblings about life. mine, your, theirs. mostly the life of an amateur female photog with a love for single malt whiskeys on the rocks, and books, and macs, and 50s music, and little beagle puppies, ...

Mr & Mrs Imran
A tale of a couple who just got married

It's an awareness building blog.

Fusion View
A Malaysian-British view on writing, culture and the arts by Yang-May Ooi, author of two legal thrillers set in Malaysia and London - THE FLAME TREE and MINDGAME ("Amy Tan meets John Grisham"). Posts on ...

for entertainments...

Just Sewjin
University as seen from the humorous point of view.

Where Rachel Is Idle and Mum Is Exasperated
life in the urban city of kuala lumpur: in the eyes of a teenager

envee's blog
share feelings , happiness , luck , love , sad , memory with envee teo

just some "sakai-fied" brat who loves football and anything to do with Man United and yeah a fool who loves Jesus......

Covers anything sexy/funny under the sun. From sporting spectacles to the latest in celebirty gossip. Told with a rather canny approach. It promises you a definite laugh with its adult content. Also looks ...

Just a 19 year old discovecommunity the world around me and I would like to tell the world!

the UNDERGRAD Guy's Blog
A witty and often homourous college go-er with a clean set of teeth & a mind full of thoughts and his hillarious takes on everything from frying pans to educational sytems.

Booby Rants!
Tall tales from a vertically challenged woman....for those who can't get enough of women ranting and raving!!

Cheng's Corner
Where concrete becomes abstract 化现实为抽象

a blog about a boy who loves Panda, heavy rain, chocolate and coffee...

An otaku's review on anime and manga with a personal touch to it.

NoOb123: InuYasha|Episodes|Movies|Blog|Money-making|Random Stuff| All FREE!!
Visit this site and download all the episodes and movies of inuyasha for FREE!! The full manga scan-ins are coming soon.

Puppy Pound
Puppy Pound. Random ramblings of a Pup

Yen's Scribbles
This is where I scribble the daily events of my life. I do not have any specific topic, just anything that comes to my mind. And shacommunity some interesting things that I have read or heard from someone ...

A kiss, A blog, A hug and A touch of my heart~ the life of Adrian to be lived to the fullest and interesting stuffs!

The Confessions of a Hedonese
Dave Chang is my less mild-mannered alter ego. Part-time theology student, he would like to see more informed, winsome and tactful ambassadors for Jesus in the public square. It's time to get 'believers ...

A Banana vs. The World!
How I start my first business in Malaysia. I document all the steps along the way and all the sucesses and failures (hopefully not too many) that I make. Tips, advice and snapshots of my life await... ...

Tak Berdaftar
Dari persoalan serius ke persoalan merepek. Dari Teknologi, ke Peruncitan ke Politik

Kelas Forex
Belajar forex dgn teknik-teknik yg mudah dna murah, terbuka kepada semua pecommunitykat umur yg penting mendapatkan profit

s h u a
This blog is about me joshua ong, i am from Malaysia and i am 20 years old this year. I support Manchester United and i am a Christian. Read My Blog to know more!! ^^

Baby Boos
All about being a mother/having a baby

Booby's Ink
The Little Hobby That Hopes To One Day Grow Up And Become A Bonafide Tattoo Blog

Mr. International
Its about my life living in taiwan and taking lotsa photos. The Malaysian perspective on Taiwanese life and all that junk.

Frog Under A Coconut Shell
Modern frogs under coconut shells have the internet now. Can still know about the world under the shell. Blog of a guy who has his own perspective of the world.

World of My Own
A mixture of diary on life, food and travel

Rough & Innocent
This blog serves as a medium for my first hand thoughts and opinions on certain issues happenings in Labuan, national & nationwide.

Chris's Normally Abnormal Critiques
My humblest greetings to all, welcome to my humble space in well, cyberspace. If you’re a regular, what are you waiting for? Go read my latest entry! But if you’re new and have not a clue what ...

Small Stripes Domain
my life journey from my college days and out, my views and perception of things that happen around me and ofcourse no e-drama.

blog de ahpoh
Introducing you to the world.Focusing on funny and interesting issues.

Bavriel's Gallery
It's all about my art-work and personal stuff

it's just another typical blog where i rant, question, criticise, compliment, fuss, express emotions etc. like i said, a typical blog. only mine is more bocommunity =)

Nicholas Chan's Blog
Nicholas Chan's Blog. A blog about teen life, photography, food, Penang, middle school, happening around, fun, tech review and more!

fyais - Nothing Else Matters
This is a personal blog by fyais. Life is all about love. When you have love in your heart, everything will be beautiful.And nothing else really matters…

Malaysian Voice - Life's Like That
Life's like that.Exploration of life is never ending. Voice of Malaysian of everyday life.