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About yo yo, tech, martial art, graffiti, fashion, and all are best to blog about

Ke Angkasa
my two cent for everything malaysia

Applegal's Diary in her Cubbyhole
AppleGal is a Malaysian Chinese girl in her early twenties, living life in two cities. She spends two thirds of the year studying law in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, and the last third of ...

personal blog, currently in UK.

MY Two Sen
Two sisters, Ad and An, in Malaysia giving our opinions on everything.

What's the matter?
What's there? What's the matter? :recollection of sorts of the matters in Ted's life:

::[N0b0dy R34lly Kn0ws]::
Variable moods. Multiple personalities housed in one body : never quite sure which one dominates, so 2 blogs for the price of 1 click. :D Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow.

WittySquirrel's Insane Ramblings...
The blog of a 16 year old kid living in Penang who enjoys getting online and getting involved in Bookcrossing! ;P

Leona's Life
Anything and everything from the thoughts of Leona, just a journal of life's journey

Her mind remains unexplored : A diary of a nutter.

Let the Journey begins
Just a personal web blog, an alternative diary~

Alsemo's Diary
Selfishly about me, myself and I.

Francisca's Blog
~*under my skin*~

Az A. Samad- acoustic fingerstyle guitarist
an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist based in kuala lumpur, malaysia

negative space
has an attitude and is not afraid to use it. isn't always negative; just likes that name.

Asam Garam Kehidupan
Enter if you dare!!


diversity of possibiilities
life about me, my family, frenz and and my everyday life..

a moxilicious moment
this is what happens when insomniacs day-dream

HoWleE mOthEr Of GAnJa!!
ooh.....it's a blog. it's written by a guy with ever changing hairstyles and loves playing the drums and has holy mother of titanic dreams in future.

Photo of Verb
a snapshot of malaysia through my lens.

Fotoblog Limau Nipis oleh Nizam Zakaria
Born in Singapore in 1974, Nizam Zakaria is a writer of blog, poetry, fiction, plays and he has a keen interest in digital photography. To pay his bills, Nizam Zakaria is a copywriter at an advertising ...

General Info

An Identity Crisis
A Malaysian perspective of Malaysia through a Malaysian that's not so Malaysian.

michelle's sexy views
blogging from the sunny beach of sentosa. Is michelle's view on life in south east asia.

6 Degrees
a small enclosure, six sides, 6 degrees, for my musings and rants to bounce about - everything that gets said in here stays in here! ;)

banyak bosan leh

Daily jottings of nothing that I make to seem like something

::the peregrination::
random musings by yours truly

Two In The Bush
A random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes. This is my life.

the graphophobia writes

Basically Bored and Love Lorn
Basically bored Malaysian boy who blogs about his bocommunity life with a healthy dose of innuendo. Sometimes this love lorn lad cuts it out as a cynical critic of the government of the day.

Makan Kings
Malaysia food/restaurant reviews

What's up with Fi?
It's about what i've been doing with my days.

~* Dealing with Reality
The purpose of this blog is for me to share words of wisdom on dealing with life and reality. I shall post something short and simple and I hope my posts will help you to improve your life.

UntoldCityLife.com\'s review by Xiao Loong Zi
An UntoldCityLife.com review by Xiao Loong Zi on City Foods, City Politics, City Lifestyles, City Cultures

life is a zoo in a jungle
life of simple medical student..

I'm Not Amused
Happenings around me that somehow amuse me, and mostly that don\'t.

The comings, goings and thoughts of a dreamer living in the real world

Muses along the way...
Ever notice the subtle cultural differences around us? That which we consider weird, different, or even corny. But turn it around, from someone elses point of view, there are also quirks in our cultures ...

...a little bit about everything
funny things that happen around me, and the little town i live in.

Root it like you own it

A guy walking the fine line between two paths, trying to find his place in modern day Kuala Lumpur among the general populace, as well as trying to solve the inner conflicts of his life and maybe ogle ...

Leo Club of Ipoh Unity Blog
This blog records the crazy (and mostly fun) things we do at Leo Club of Ipoh Unity (O) in our efforts to serve the community.

cookie-cutter comments
Rants, raves and discontented muttecommunitys from down south about the things that affect us and our fellow countrymen, personal gripes and issues, my day to day crap!

huZmi dahLan
personal blog on life, entertainment, travelling, e-business and world events

The Dark Room

Brid :: Feeding you with many interestig stuff
Covecommunity the worlds of science fiction and fantasy with news, reviews and opinions.Brid is all about interesting and fun stuffs. It is a blog so it is updated daily. Want fresh news, articles and ...

girl of may
a blog about me. And my friends in singapore and malaysia.

A Worm's Perspective ...
This site reflects my personal views on current affairs especially those of Malaysia and Singapore. It also contains info on my interests.