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I'm a lonely zebra who's just escaped from the tyrannical tyrant of a zookeeper. Am currently on the run, and I hope to find people who'll lick my bum (just because it tastes yummy) before I get caught. ...

I.S. does USA
Malaysian girl studying in America. Writing about everything under the sun, in relation to studying being an international student

First Malaysia Work From Home Blog
Most popular Singapore,Malaysia and Asean Work From Home Business blog.Give and share experience and tips to all work at home owner.Singapore and Malaysia #1 work from home.Affordable startup cost.Free ...

Akamario's Blog
This is my personal blog of nothing. I just someplace to write something

Half a Cup of Coffee
the life and times of a guy from sarawak (yes that's right, hornbill land), studying in tronoh (utp) and interning in penang (intel). now with pics! ;)

What goes around comes around...
A Chinese youth's blog in which contains the author's thought regarding culture, education, life and various current social affairs.

In the Oort Cloud
I'm always on the lookout for interesting stuff to put in my blog, and of course, the usual ramblings of my everyday life.

My Malaysian way of life....
General ramblings of the sometimes fun yet comical yet complicated life of a true Malaysian.

Lotus Inspirations
A personal blog and journal.

The Beauty of Elves
The daily encounters of an Online Community Leader living in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The world according to me. Yeah! Right!
About me, about life, almost anything goes

life without colours
personal blog!:)

Kenny's Cafe Corner
IT Male, wandecommunity mind, hopeful, still and Sleepless in Kay Elle. Welcome and thanks for reading!

daily diary, observations, rambling.

HANI's Honey
My Shrine of Honesty of Sorts. No where else is HANI as honest as on her blog.

the malaysian manga fan who's obsessed with manga men!! XDD Is help aailable to her?

my monologue
mind goes crazy, imagination goes wild... A place for me to let out all my inner thoughts. Dear strangers, I extend my warmest invitation. Welcome to my sanctuary of deeper thoughts.

Life's A Bitch
Parental Advisory : This site may contain offensive text and graphics. Enter with caution.{;}

Hear Me Sing
Trying my best to be a better world participant.

Akuma Inner Turmoils
Just your "normal" rantings of a Gay Malaysian Chinese in San Francisco

Sweet Madness II

5B2K Rants
3 Malaysian girls. 1 blog.

Serabut Inc
It's a blog. By me. For me. All me. :)

Ups and downs of my life

kick it baby
Whatever turns you on!

Sen Jing Ping
Life in your average residential college in an ulu town in Australia

Redhill - Episode: Bukit Mertajam
Some stories about statistics, Bukit Mertajam, Kamunting, Taiping all correlated with each other!

My life, vaguely~...
Whatever she finds interesting, things around her, her thoughts & opinions, etc will be blogged. Meet Sonia, a chinese college gal.

Digital Fugue - KaZ's Random Thots
Thoughts, aspirations, brain juices, frustration, dreams, hopes, anger, random ramblings and everything else in between

* michng : the other side
beyond skin deep. screen deep.

Talking to myself, again.

Chronically A Monkey
I am monkey. I am hairy. I am hairy monkey. Ooooo fleas! Mmmmmmmm yummy

Ken Loo's World
A Malaysian Blog from Japan.

Wishful Thinking
Mixed bowl of incomperhensible, trailing thoughts blended with a tinge of sarcasm and complex unidentifiable ingredients to be taken with a grain of salt. Sugar added to taste.

-=[~AesopWhite~]=- B L O G G I N G
Definition of Life... like a vacuum cleaner, it sux all the way

:: [ daffLe's WeBLoG ] ::
*~*~*Mistakes that don't kill you can only make you stronger*~*~*

original sin
Blog of a proud-to-be-Malaysian girl. Malaysia Boleh!

Far Out Son Of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman
All that shit

digital KL
Ramblings of a KL-ite on digital stuff, everyday life, growing old and some wishful thinking

pure bollocks
basically, just pure bollocks...

this is my blog with some flash resources n action script

Go Blog! I diotic Musings of a Malaysian Idiot.
Single, 20's, male - trying to make sense of the tangled web that is life!

a group blog by 5 Malaysians....2 guys and 3 gals...

m o o ?
nothing related to cows whatsoever

the trouble with being myself
a chinese male living in kuala lumpur, malaysia, complaining about his life

Diari Perjuangan
Diari Perjuangan is a Personal blog from a young Muslim girl Zalina from Malaysia. She writes about lifestyle based on Islam, Islah and relationship of ikhwah and akhawat

Amused And Confused
Am amused and confused in the rollercoaster of life with high anticipation that the amusement would outbalance confusion. Do please sit back, be amused and entertained but be you not confused.

Where There is Rain, There is Pain
I don't know what to say. It is just a blog. That's all.

rants of a pampered and smittened strawberry
everyday bitchings about life..my life..