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Original MP3s made by members of the Church of the SubGenius

King Of Slack - Doktor Bill T Miller's ORGY OF SLACK CD
Experience the anti-musick doktorband sounds of mutant SubGenius Doktor Bill T Miller - the KING OF ALL SLACK on the ORGY OF SLACK CD. LISTEN to FREE MP3s, Wavs or Real Audio. BUY the CD for only {;}TEN ...

Motor Morons
The Motor Morons. Over twenty years of East Coast Karma. Played at all Baltimore SubCons. Mp3's available.

SerpentX's Half-Assed Over the Edge/Puzzling Evidence Archive
Archives of the weekly radio show from the para-SubGenii collective, Negativland. Also a few episodes from Puddling Effluence's landmark SubG show on Berkeley's mighty KPFA.

Loke E. Coyote's Wiccabilly Circus
Masters of Magickal Musickal Mischief and Mayhem! The world's first and farmost Pagan boogie band! Goddessfathers of Wiccabilly! Freedom and Frop, Slack and a six pack!

The A.'.udio A.'.dMinistry
EmPee3&LayHerThreeSoundz from Rev. Wandarer, PooBah of HyperMegathisisisis Temple, "Fightin' Fifth" Column of Slack, Church of the SubGenius{;}

The Duke of Uke
All your ukulele favorites, and more!

Philo's Quivecommunity Brain
Just my stuff. Look for the "My Briefcase" Link for the music files.