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Do you think Bobby Flay is a prick? Did his standing on the cutting board and making an ass out of himself and all of America at IC3 really piss you off? It doesn't matter if your site is about hating Bobby Flay or not! Just join if you agree that he is, in fact, a weenus.

Sancho's Disturbing Recipes of the Eerie Past
Rock On! Bobby Flay is Soooo A DICK!! Anyway, my site has a lot of really creepy, oversaturated cookbook images from the 1950's - visit and reminisce about the crap granny used to bcommunity to Thanksgiving ...

Project ACUO
A site basically bashes on an anime character known as Chibi Usa/Rini. We hate her so much and we will continue to hate her again and again.

i rach, you who?...

nekosagi no blog
my fairly random blog where i babble fairly randomly about random things. topics of interest include anime, manga, formula one racing, personal stuff, and why the heck i am so easily amused.

Leggo My Ego
Bobby Flay is interfecommunity with my enjoyment of the much more attractive Tyler Florence. Why is it that when I have Tyler-related fantasies, at some point the face becomes nightmarishly Flayed and ...

LiveJournal Entry
IronChef:NY or "Record Set in Insults to Japanese in One Hour"{;}{;}I was so moved by my disgust for Flay that I made an entire journal entry about it.

Inside Delirium
A rant about Bobby Flay.

Bobby, Flayed
Links and freely distributable pictures for Iron Chef fans who feel robbed. [Among them, the current logo of the Anti-Bobby "Flava" Flay Community. ^_^ ]

obsessed with the anti-bobby flay community itself
A blogger, obsessed with the anti-bobby flay community itself.