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Click Member link to see site in tvPurple Musings
Focused on inspiration, joy, and links to my homepage which has art, fun, and other random things.

The Origami Box
Simply a lesbian, feminist, yankee, teenger's life on-line and off, through a daily update blog.

Sky Is Falling
My personal blog site.

Just me and my thoughts - out there on the web for anyone to read. Sometimes I describe my day, most times I rant about something so that I can get it out of my system.

She Sings
Blog of a midwestern mom, music teacher and doctor's wife.

dreaming in denmark
nothing to do with pastries or Denmark, just an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet.

My Musings
Started 2 years ago, this journal follows my heart, body and mind through the life journey. The road gets rocky, but I've been okay so far.

The amusing musings of a 20-something, fledgling psychologist living in the Westside of Los Angeles. I love movies, music, British men, fashion, and anything that's fabulous. :)

Micaso's Musings.....
Musings on what I'm reading, watching and thinking about from a writer, mom and feminist. Don't expect me to talk about my kids I spend enough time with them;-)

bluegirl life -- virtually existing
the virtual life of a virtual no one

The Fifth House
what's in my head

girls will be girls
girls will be girls. read about two of them here;){;}

Crow's Daughter - The Ecclectic Collections of a Mad Crow
My writen ramblings and postings of other sayings and stories I find interesting.

Mistress of Mind
"Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff." *Warning, truckers mouth*

Ascending - A Weblog
A wife, a mother, a dreamer, a woman. That's me.

Last Kiss BlogJunk
Um...it's a blog, pita, my rant and ravings, end of story! :){;}

Miasma in the House of Bite Me
Grassroots journalism & commentary on current events, cyberculture, technology, privacy, & interactivity, with a little new criticism, feminism, postmodernism, radical pedagogy, & new media theory thrown ...

Plum Crazy
Home of the Vast Center Wing Conspiracy

Inconsequential Natter: A Manifesto
Crabby Kansas girl who loves cooking, art and theatre yaps about various subjects. You should yap back!

A Room With a View
Diary of a young(ish) teacher. Feminist, web geek, Womyn.

Ramblings about my life, and various things that interest me. Isn't that what all blogs are?

Waiting For Heaven
Personal blog and website.

Turquoise Desert's Blog
Diary of a 27-year-old college student in Arizona

Ornamental Illness
a site of beef by Ann-S-Thesia

Book reviews and more by a Neurotic Fishgirl.

dancing queen
diary of a demented dancer

notes to the newly conceived
also known as tempest in a teapot: the high drama of motherhood and other domestic adventures.

A weblog of Progressive Politics, Indian Issues and Autism Advocacy.

random ramblings of a different drummer
This is my online journal where I share my feelings, thoughts and observations on anything and everything!

Tuesday Wednesday Break My Heart
A 30-something freaky mom's life

la diosa del lago
A unique and delightful new blogger experience! This "goddess of the lake" shares her innermost soul... with anybody who cares to step into her refreshing and introspective cyberspace!{;}

Double Diamond Fiber Farm
I talk about what I'm working on (including but not limited to knitting, raising fiber animals, spinning, learning Norwegian, etc.) and what I'm interested in, and some of life's ups and downs.

The release from suffecommunity: tales of a 30something toddler mom with too many horses, and issues about sex and food.

angel love
Regalings of my life and my midget.

Windy's Page for Thought
A place to ramble about me!{;}

Black Pearl's Anti-Racist Resistance
Anti-racist queer feminist with a concentration on third-world feminisms, I seek to explore/reconstruct/de-colonize/un-romanticize/de-mystify/un-exotify my worlds, my words, my life, my history. "If I ...

you are a china shop, i am a bull
I am a thirty-something bi grrl from New Zealand, and this is a scrapbook of my life: thoughts, angst, reviews, quotes, occasional fictionlets, and fluff.

Life of a Wild and Crazy Redhead
Life of a Wild and Crazy Redhead full of sass and ready for adventure.

SherLonKah - blending the lives and hearts of three to become one ... family{;}

Dreamer's Musings
Just thoughts of all that's going on in my life. Be it our family, our friends, my graphics, etc.

Vegetarian Mouse Slayer
I am currently using my blog as my travel diary.

Marcia's Weblog
News and notes on my everyday and spiritual life{;}

Broken Heart Rehab
Breaking up is hard to do, and the ladies of Broken Heart Rehab are here to help. Our site is an interactive web site, which helps women get through break-ups. Through articles and real-world stories ...

Diva Dance! Blog
Diva Dance is a revolutionary and dazzling experience that uses Latin and fun dance moves as a practical way for you to Energize your Body, Empower your Mind and Express your Soul! Diva Dance has been ...