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One fiddler's adventures busking beneath the streets of New York City

El Weblog de la Danae
Este es un sitio a cerca de mis pensamientos, es seguro que podrán conocer mucho de mi.

Hotel Serenity
A moment in the life of a Woman

Random thoughts of a homeschooling mom/wife.

Amie's Daily Thoughts
A little about me and more

fuzzswirl's blog
the world according to me...a 20-year-old college student in Canada

iam Berni
my personal log/portfolio

Bitch-sessions is an open forum in which expression of ideas is encouraged, ranging from social commentary, amusing anecdotes, concert reviews, and relationship philosophy. The site is aware, thoughtful, ...

Kiss This
Random Thoughts and a few site updates

wind chains
A look at the day to day goings on of a neurotic grad student...

squalor if you hear me
Thoughts, ranting, the musings of a mannequin. 100% poetry-free from me to you.

The Plot Thickens...
You don't know what something will turn out to be until quite a way into it... This may be a journal of my journey from working mother to a mother staying at home with her children and writing a book. ...

Flotter Dreier - die virtuelle WG
austrian-german virtual flat-shacommunity community of 3 women who share their spacious flat with varying (fe)male guests.

Just the website of a woman... A transsexual woman...

aicommunity dirty laundry
an opinionated, politically-minded sista muses about life, love, and anything else that moves my soul...

The Queen of Arabia
Blogging now: A twenty something, overconfident, paranoid female currently shuttling between Manchester & Dubai.

Les mots de mon coeur
Les mots de mon coeur means thoughts from the heart. And that is what this site is all about - what is rambling thru my heart and head at any given moment

Confessions of a Kitty cat
I make random bitchy comments, and am fuelled almost solely on PMS and Etta James.

Invisible Shoebox
This is a research blog- I am completing a Masters by Project at RMIT (Melbourne). The blog charts the progress of my research. I am from an animation background and the site has a weekly comic strip.

setting you up to let you fall.....the musings of a cynical first year law student

musings of a southern belle

Delaware Weddings blog
This website is to talk about my experiences planning a Wedding in Delaware and to also help other brides by posting information about vendors in the area of Delaware.

wide eyed & ignorant by the seaside
ramblings of a (hopefully part-time) UK insomniac!

Vegas Rocks- Webmistress Amy's Blog
A nearly thirty year old woman...who blogs.

Odessa Street
Lee's weblog - Just one of the over 90,000 Americans living in France: tired of French bureacracy, incapable of avoiding Parisian cafes, and forever amazed by the amount of dogs weacommunity little sweaters ...

Unknown Rhythm
A blog of many flavours, covecommunity anything from tarot to writing to pets to books to poetry and anything else that takes my fancy. A work of great genius in progress – no, that’s not manure you can ...

I Was Just Thinking
My personal thoughts and opinions on issues of current interest to me. I am a conservative, evangelical, Bible-believing Christian and I strive to form my opinions based on principles of Christianity. ...

Fusion Reaction
Fusion Reaction is a personal weblog by Fazia Rizvi. The name comes out of a number of things. I like science and I'm a geek (and proud of it). But it also hints at my multi-cultural background (Finnish ...

Neverland is my hiding place, where i go when the world gets rough and i need to pretend I'm a kid again. I've been called different, but I don't mind because it's who I am and I'm proud of it.

Queen of Rambles
I started this journal to chronicle all the weird culture shock I was experiencing as an American living in Sweden. Now it's just a place for random rants and rambles.

My own personal bitchfest. Bitching about anything from my day, writers block, loves, losses, and/or the garbage truck that wakes me at 4am.

Life in the Big City
Descriptions defy me.

Me Against Myself
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Pen-Elayne on the Web
Elayne Riggs' Journal

Much ado about me
Thoughts and bits from anniebunny's life. It's for you when you also think that life's quite an absurd thing.{;}anniebunny likes liquorice, being the opposite of prissy, procrastination, books and comics ...

Harmony in Motion
Journaling, quizzes, whatever catches my fancy....

\Folk\n. pl. folk {;} 1. The common people {;}\Joy\n.(joi){;} 1. Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness.{;}{;}Experiencing the joy (and sorrow) of everyday life. ...

Cinnibon - Tasty
Transplanted gardener, "part time" Mom, wife of disabled wife, American living in Sweden, Heartless Bitch, and radical dyke.

my life is more than a vision: karen's blog
a blog by a liberal feminist. some social/political issues, but mostly random ramblings about my life in general.

Looking for a balance between reason and magic... A website about the western mystery tradition, modern witchcraft and information technology.

Wry notes by a Melbourne writer

tiki tiki tembo
entertaining stories of here, there and everywhere from the nation's capital through the eyes of a queer brown woman.

Julie's Sexy Magick 'Blog
A journal of my thoughts, feelings, poems, stories..a world of magick :-* a kiss upon the secret winds of Isis Wynn

Marn's Big Adventure
The life and times of a woman who makes Emily Dickinson look like a party animal.

From Tennessee to Al-Maghreb
A journal, writing experiment, keeping-in-touch space for a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco.

vego's rantspot
i'm cynical and i work in food service. Bad combination. If you like angry rants and sarcasm, you'll enjoy this.

A window into the mind of crazy, creative, silly workaholic in Chicago. Everything from comics to speedskating, Buffy to Law & Order, movies to fine art, laughter to angst. The ultimate place to go if ...

Mommies at Law
Blog by two lawyer mommies discussing motherhood, baby stuff, juvenile law, family law and anything else that strikes our fancy

emancipated dissonance
simply a place where i attempt to express my limitlessly complex thoughts and emotions in two dimentions. it's not always pretty, but neither is life.

eshe:the elements of 1
journal of my daily happenings